Construction Technology and Software Rundown: April 26, 2019

Here's a rundown of the latest in construction technology and software.
April 24, 2019


Consulting firm Microdesk launched BIMrx, an application for Revit and non-Revit powered users. BIMrx retrieves data from a Revit model and pushes it into Excel, so users can edit, measure and report at will. The new plugin speeds data entry with Excel formulas and tools, updates models with information from non-Revit sources and manages assets by merging model-based information with outside sources.


Casella’s Guardian2 site boundary monitor remotely monitors and reports noise, dust and vibration levels, and volatile organic compounds. The plug and play Guardian2 measures for VOCs up to 6,000 ppm and sends text or email alerts when limits are exceeded.

EarthCam’s 24 MultipixelCam entry-level time-lapse solution for live streaming video, time-lapse construction cameras and photography documentation offers 24 pixel imagery and unprecedented zoom capabilities.

CM Labs’ Crawler Crane Training Pack simulation-based training teaches lead crane operators how to safely and efficiently maneuver a steel pipe load in tandem with a secondary crane operated from another simulator connected on the network. It can be deployed in multiple configurations, with operators working at any combination of CM Labs simulators.

DT Research’s 8-inch rugged tablets feature 3D camera and GNSS module for precision measuring. The tablets offer military-grade durability, built-in 2D barcode scanner, long range Bluetooth and hot-swappable batteries.

Software & In the Cloud

AutoCAD 2020 includes specialized toolsets for architecture, mechanical design, electrical design and more; productivity improvements; and the ability to quickly measure distances, insert blocks efficiently, easily clean drawings with redesigned purge and compare drawing revisions in one window. AutoCAD is partnering with Microsoft and Box so users can open any DWG file stored in Microsoft OneDrive and Box with the AutoCAD web app.

Ottogee improves time and cost estimation with IoT-enabled resource analytic solutions based on past results and recent performance trends. Ottogee alerts users when action is required and stake holders of project progress in real time. It combines advanced algorithms with accurate data to predict project outcomes and provides safety tools to manage incidents, implement corrective actions and maintain a safe work environment.

Topcon Positioning Group real time 3D jobsite monitoring and management system Sitelink 2.0 includes a pay-as-you-go point based service model, new features to Sitelink Support Desk and Haul Truck application.

Through IoT integration, Nestrom Integrated Field Service Management Platform captures data from mobile devices and tablets, reports critical observations for action, receives and reports back work orders, schedules work orders and tasks for field teams, sends work requests to field workers or contractors and receives reports when the job has been completed, tracks work order status and converts alerts into work orders for action.

Partnerships & Acquisitions

Capgemini and Autodesk are partnering on ReflectIoD, a cloud-enabled and secure digital twin platform. The new BIM platform for building and infrastructure operators integrates natively 1D to 3D, point cloud, geographical information and IOT data while improving operations and maintenance.

TrueLook and Autodesk BIM 360 integration allows customers to add a live TrueLook camera to their BIM 360 dashboard. Managers can view live and historical conditions of their projects from existing management software.

Xinova and Firaare collaborating on design solutions to improve productivity at construction sites. Xinova aligns talent, technology, capital and demand through its innovation market network, which uses machine learning, distributed computing and modern technology platforms to connect global resources. The companies will develop digital solutions for the build phase and to support the entire lifecycle of a built environment. The first phase is an Innovation Opportunity Analysis to map disruption points in the multi-family residential and commercial construction industry for DBO lifecycle.

Arcoro, a provider of human capital management solutions, has formed a strategic alliance with Acumatica, cloud ERP company, so Acumatica can offer time and attendance, applicant tracking and onboarding solutions from Arcoro platform companies, ExakTime and BirdDogHR™. Arcoro’s SaaS solutions help clients fulfill federal and local labor law reporting requirements and maintain compliance.

Bullard, manufacturer of personal protective equipment market, acquired Switzerland-based Darix™, which focuses on improving the situational awareness of professionals in critical environments. Darix specializes in image processing and software, user experience and design, micro-electronics and rapid prototyping, and smart-glasses for industrial and commercial safety and emergency responder applications.

Rhumbix’s integration with CMiC’s Single Database Platform™ will result in a field-friendly application for foreman, contractors and subcontractors to deliver accurate data and facilitates collaboration. The product integration adds to construction-specific digital tools in CMiC’s arsenal that streamline time and attendance capture in the field. Rhumbix’s Field Intelligence Platform™ cloud-based mobile workforce management solution collects and digitizes data from previously paper-based workflows.

Video & Cool Stuff

IES digital twin technology to revolutionize the smart city movement, ICL (Intelligent Communities Lifecycle) platform of interconnected decision support tools, facilitates the planning, design and operation of energy efficient and sustainable communities, campuses, portfolios, buildings and local networks. Utilizing the latest digital technology to link IOT data, sensor readings, OpenData or any other data source into one interconnected platform, the ICL enables investigation of built environment performance. Users will be able to simulate entire cities, portfolios and communities, fill in gaps with simulated data, analyze how things will look and behave in a wide range of scenarios and create bespoke dashboards to communicate and drive engagement.

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