Closeout: In the Heights

Amanda and G. Brint Ryan Tower, University of North Texas at Dallas
April 3, 2024
a bell tower on a university campus

PROJECT ∣ Amanda and G. Brint Ryan Tower, University of North Texas at Dallas

CONTRACTORS ∣ Post L Group, general contractor; Enterprise Precast Concrete, precast concrete producer

BUDGET ∣ $2 million

SCOPE ∣ Lighted, 180-foot tower made from 70 load-bearing precast concrete wall components and floor slabs, and including a water feature, a donor wall, masonry seat walls and a pedestrian plaza; recently honored with a special award for All-Precast Concrete Solution in the 2024 PCI (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute) Design Awards

TIMELINE ∣ Assembly was completed in 15 days in December 2021

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