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There has been a rise in construction technology and app/software use in the industry. With fast-paced advances in tech, the opportunity for businesses to use artificial intelligence and cloud-based SaaS platforms to streamline their projects is there for the taking. While construction companies recognize the need to implement new technology when appropriate, they’re often hesitant because of the onboarding pains associated with switching to new platforms and services. It’s critical to complete projects on time and on budget, and adjusting to new systems can often result in delays and impact profits. Because of this and the stiff competition throughout in the ConTech market, it is important to stand out as a clear, trusted thought leader in the space.

Positioning a construction executive as a thought leader in ConTech will allow him or her to establish a level of trust and credibility that can’t be bought through traditional advertising and marketing efforts. As a representative of the brand, it’s of great value to be seen not only as a spokesperson but a truly respected expert in the space that understands the challenges of those the company serves and has a wealth of knowledge and solutions to impart.

Becoming a recognized thought leader isn’t easy, but there are several proven strategies that can help leadership gain the exposure and momentum necessary to achieve that status. Is the leader well-spoken with a knack for getting information across to people by talking about passions and areas of expertise? The leader may be well-suited for speaking engagements at notable industry conferences and expos. Construction companies may begin to view the business as a leader in the industry after they see and hear executives address their challenges head-on and offer educational guidance toward solving their pain points with technology and other effective strategies. Leadership can even connect directly with potential clients at events like these, generating real brand awareness and adding leads to the sales funnel.

If executives prefer to deliver information in written form, consider penning educational articles for major trade magazines and journals. Thoughtful insights and advice will be well-received, and these articles will often provide an opportunity to include a bio and a link back to the company. While articles like these need to be nonpromotional, they will serve to elevate your personal brand and that of your ConTech company by association.

Podcasts have become an increasingly popular way to reach highly specific audiences. Making appearances as a valued guest on industry podcasts is an effective way to reach many decision makers and end-users of the technology. An industry-related interview can increase your visibility as an expert, humanize the brand and build more trust and credibility. This type of appearance is a lot like speaking engagements and articles because it is geared directly toward construction and the benefits of construction tech.

Since the end goal of becoming a thought leader in ConTech is to keep the executive’s and business’ name top-of-mind with clients, consistency is key. Regularly posting to a blog and your social media channels is a great way to stay visible and in touch with the audience. Try to post educational, insightful content to each of your social media platforms on a regular, strategic basis so the audience knows they can count on receiving information from you. Keep in mind, answering questions and giving feedback can become overwhelming if you start receiving a lot of comments, but it also means you have generated a lot of interest.

While these strategies are effective, they’re a lot to take on alone. Securing speaking engagements, finding the time to write polished articles for trade magazines and connecting for interviews are all time-consuming affairs. One easy way to ensure that leadership is on track to become a thought leader and maintain a well-known presence in ConTech is to include public relations in in the marketing plan. Executives can keep their focus on building the company, as the team of PR experts work behind the scenes to help secure and coordinate these opportunities to position the executive as a thought leader in the construction industry.


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