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ABC members make a difference in their communities by building them—from schools, hospitals and highways to military installations, industrial facilities, skyscrapers, hotels, professional sporting venues and the playground down the street. By building the structures used to work, play, heal and learn, ABC members build America. 

This summer in Washington, D.C., ABC members from across the country will have the opportunity to tell their stories and share their passion for the construction industry with members of the 116th United States Congress, leaders in the public and private sectors, and each other.

During ABC Legislative Week, June 23-27, members will send a powerful message to Congress about the impact that ABC members have from Main Street to the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

The event creates a forum for contractors to boast about their successes while sharing the workforce, safety and regulatory challenges they face every day in the construction industry. Personal anecdotes and experiences play a big role in shaping the federal policies that can mean the difference between expanding operations and going out of business. 

The week starts with ABC’s fifth annual Diversity & Inclusion Summit, where ABC members can harness the innovations of the industry by demonstrating diversity as a key driver of success. Industry leaders and stakeholders will host thought-provoking discussions and offer solutions-based recommendations that ABC members can utilize to build diverse workplaces and supplier networks.  

At the Free Enterprise Alliance (FEA) reception, ABC members will spend the evening rallying around the principles of free enterprise, effective government, and fair and open competition. This ticketed event also will feature a memorable keynote speaker. Stay tuned for an announcement.

ABC’s Young Professional Symposium invites up-and-coming leaders to learn the ins and outs of lobbying, grassroots initiatives and political advocacy. The future leaders of ABC will delve into ABC’s key legislative issues and the dynamics of federal and state-level politics to develop an understanding of how construction businesses are impacted by the legislative decisions that are made by their elected officials.

Legislative Day is an opportunity for ABC members to hear from top administration and congressional leaders on the issues that impact the construction industry at the federal and state levels. Attendees will hear inspiring calls to action from merit shop advocates and an overview of ABC’s legislative priorities for the year ahead. Then, ABC members will have the opportunity to meet with their respective elected officials on Capitol Hill. 

The week culminates with ABC’s Legal Conference, which covers the latest developments and insights on employment and labor law and open competition in the construction industry. Experts will address the legal and regulatory issues that are confronting the merit shop community and share insights on the legal battles that ABC anticipates in the year ahead. The conference is also an excellent opportunity to network and share ideas with merit shop labor attorneys, construction contractors, and ABC chapter presidents and government affairs staff.

Deciding not to attend ABC Legislative Week essentially constitutes a choice to leave the future of merit shop construction businesses to chance. It’s about more than just participating in the democratic right to petition the government that has been elected. It’s about setting ABC members apart in the offices on Capitol Hill and in the White House. Many Washington leaders know that ABC members build America, and if they don’t yet, they will come June. 


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