Three Ways to Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Hiring the right team, getting honest customer feedback and using multiple channels are all ways contractors can improve their customer service techniques.
By Kelsey Fritz
February 4, 2019

A recent article from Social Media Today featured some intriguing customer service facts paired with adjustments businesses can make to their own customer service teams to make them a stronger asset to the company. One of the most notable statistics included that 77 percent of customers are likely to recommend a company to a friend if they have a positive experience.

Another notable statistic was that a study by Walker concluded that 86 percent of shoppers will spend more for a better customer experience. For example, if companies know their prices might be a bit higher than a competitor, but their customer service far surpasses the competitor’s, they can focus on stressing that element to a prospect as what sets them apart from going somewhere cheaper.

Here are some key recommendations for creating a customer service team that excels.


An easy way of getting insight into where a customer service team can improve is by implementing surveys to get the customer’s honest feedback. It will also help businesses better understand the pain points of their customers and how the business’ product or service can remedy these issues.

Surveys also allow customers to provide their honest feedback about the experience they had. While most people might not feel comfortable diving into issues they may have had with the business in-person, many feel comfortable doing so through an anonymous survey or form. It also enables the customer to have time to reflect a bit on the experience to provide more honest feedback. Not only is it beneficial for the company to gain these insights from the customer, but it simultaneously demonstrates the company’s dedication to the customer and how valued their input is.


The personalities in a customer service team are some of the most important factors in the abilities and strength behind a company’s service. Look for people who have the following qualities.

  • Compassion: Customer service often receives the brunt of angry calls if something isn’t going well. Companies should make sure to hire people who are able to put themselves in their customers’ shoes, feel empathy for what they might be going through and how it may be impacting the customer’s overall business goals.
  • Good Communication Skills: This is a no-brainer. Customer service needs to be able to communicate effectively and clearly with the customer. It’s also a big bonus if they’re able to do so in multiple forms of communication, including email or phone. At the end of the day, they should never want a customer to walk away confused or dissatisfied and should communicate that to them.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge is another obvious one. Employees should understand the business’ product to the fullest. If they struggle with a certain area or product, encourage them to follow up by completing tasks such as asking questions and meeting with other team members that show strength in those areas. This team should be able to collaborate to provide the best expertise to the customer base.


According to a Forrester report, 69 percent of adults in the United States prefer to buy from brands that offer consistent customer service across multiple channels. This means not just having a website, but also having a mobile responsive website that creates a way for customers to contact customer service while on the go. With people now having constant access to their phones and being in the field frequently in the industry, it’s crucial for companies to offer them a seamless experience when trying to contact a customer service team.

Social media has also become a huge tool for businesses when it comes to customer service. Twitter, in particular, has seen a lot of great customer service opportunities for businesses. More now than ever, customers are flocking to the social media platforms to get the attention of the business quicker and to hopefully obtain a faster solution to their issue. Checking social media platforms daily to see if a customer has reached out is essential.

by Kelsey Fritz
Kelsey is a Marketing Coordinator at Trader Interactive, which specializes in providing commercial dealers and manufacturers with products and services to establish and grow their online presence in today’s market.

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