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Brian Jones
Chief Operating Officer
Gray Construction
Lexington, Ky.

Our number one core value always will be to put safety and quality of life first. This year, we are approaching safety with an even sharper focus than ever before.

With the construction industry’s significant labor shortage comes an increase in temporary and novice workers who may not have our safety culture as deeply ingrained as our well-seasoned team members. To ensure that we don’t succumb to a rise in incidents as a result of this shortage, it’s crucial to continuously improve our company-wide safety efforts.

For example, we recently developed a mentor program to identify team members who have been in the trade less than six months or are temporary workers. By doing this, we can limit their exposure to high-risk activities while ensuring they receive proper mentoring that will make them safer.

In addition, Gray will continue to focus on onboarding efforts such as a rigorous contractor vetting process, detailed preconstruction meeting and an in-depth orientation program upon site mobilization.

Ray Sedey
President, Texas Division
McCarthy Building Company

In 2017, we’re especially focused on our craft training and recruiting program. We believe developing the next generation of skilled craft professionals and superintendents is critical to our industry and business. McCarthy has a great history of employee longevity because our team is properly trained as they rise through the ranks, and we want to ensure that high skill level as we continue to grow our self-perform work in both heavy civil and commercial markets. 

We strive to be the safest construction company in America. We’re constantly pushing to improve safety performance through our active training program, task hazard analysis and McCarthy Vital Process auditing. By doing this, we raise the bar for our trade partners and the industry, and directly support business results for our clients while improving operational excellence.

We want to be the employer of choice for managers and our tradesmen and women. By providing great benefits, great training and retaining top talent, we can better serve our clients and our communities.

David Cross
President and COO
Mechanicsburg, Penn.

Since 1925, Mowery has been going above and beyond for our clients to deliver an experience (and a building) that is a testament to who we are as an organization. We are an award-winning team on which innovation and agility matters—and safety, quality, cost and schedule always come first.

Last year, we launched a full rebranding campaign that not only updated the company’s logo, core foundations and points of differentiation, but also included several strategic initiatives to take Mowery to the next level. Areas of focus include a greater investment in technology, a new SMART Safety program, a first quarter 2017 launch of our website, and growing our special projects group.

In 2017, we will focus on the development and strategic execution of these new efforts, as well as targeted and strategic marketing efforts based on our vertical markets and areas of expertise. All of these initiatives will ensure our continued growth and advancement and bring our “Mowery…For the Experience” promise to life.

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