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A recent report from Abodo found construction and extraction was one of only two of the nation’s five fastest-growing occupations in which women earn as much as or more than men—and even then, it’s only in a specific set of cities. In terms of wage parity, women in the construction and extraction industry earn 88 cents for every dollar earned by men. For first-line supervisors, women earn 89.6 percent of what men earn, and about 85.1 percent as inspectors. For the more hands-on jobs, female laborers earn 96.7 percent of what men earn, and nearly 113 percent as helpers for construction trades.

According to the report, cities with the most equal pay in construction are Boston; Los Angeles; Memphis, Tenn.; San Francisco; and Seattle. Cities with the least equal pay in construction are Chicago; Cincinnati; Milwaukee, Wis.; New Orleans; and Riverside, Calif.

Just 2.4 percent of construction and extraction workers are women, which adds up to more than 100,000 female workers. For more information, visit abodo.com/blog/wage-gap-in-america.

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