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Dave Priester
President & COO
Choate Construction Company
Charlotte, N.C.

Employee ownership allows Choate to share long-term success with our employees while also remaining an independent, internally operated company—keeping the business “in the family” and complementing our core values and mission. And while employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) are not for every company, Choate was a good candidate for this type of ownership because it has zero long-term debt. 

The ESOP allows Choate employees to be much more than figurative partners. We share in the financial and operational success of our company in ways that few do. Employees receive long-term benefits of their hard work; a well-earned gift acknowledging the daily efforts that make Choate’s success possible. And the proof is in the pudding: After three years of employment, Choate employees remain with the company 94 percent of the time. 

Becoming employee-owned not only benefits our staff, but also our clients, vendors and the local communities where we operate. Choate employees have a direct share of our company, making everything we do a little more motivated and a lot more personal.

William Chivers
RUSH Construction, Inc.
Titusville, Fla.

RUSH Construction, Inc. became an employee-owned company in the fall of 2000. The program started with eight original members and has grown to 14 shareholders. One unique aspect of the program is that it includes not just upper management, but also is open to all salaried personnel, including project managers, estimators, field superintendents, and safety accounting and support staff.

Without a committed team of people, RUSH is just four letters on the side of our building. Our staff successfully delivers the projects to our clients, and I believe that our employee ownership program has been huge in attracting and maintaining the best people. The ownership structure of most contractors is based on a single individual or family. Our program provides our shareholders with a sense of ownership and involvement that you can’t find in those tightly held firms, and it allows them to feel like they are working for more than just a paycheck. 

There are some unique aspects involved in being employee-owned, but we are committed to it and have never regretted our decision.  

Justin Kurtzer
Cheever Construction Company
Lincoln, Neb.

Every Cheever Construction Company employee has a sense of personal responsibility and dedication that impacts every aspect of our daily work. Employee owners see themselves not only as project managers, superintendents, field support and office staff, but also as leaders of Cheever Construction Company. They have the power to make a positive difference for our clients and our company. The end result is a focused and more intent project delivery.

The ESOP model leads to a business built not just for a few years, but for generations. Our employee owners understand how they impact clients and understand their ability to contribute to building lasting relationships. By focusing on understanding our clients’ needs, the ownership team looks to deliver solutions for every individual project that exceeds those needs, resulting in a greater level of quality.

The sense of ownership, input and financial reward helps an ESOP construction company attract and retain the most skilled people. Our results are evident by the number of long-term employee owners our customers have come to rely on, project after project.  

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