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Jessica Bland
Marketing and Communications Manager
Forrester Construction
Rockville, Md.
Forrester has emphasized building a strong social media following on multiple platforms through organic content marketing. 

To engage with other construction professionals, or even potential new team members, we share industry news and highlight construction awards and expertise. Because of the personal nature of Facebook, we use it to post about community involvement and company events, interact with team members and share project updates. On Twitter, we focus on engaging content that speaks to a variety of audiences about Forrester’s expertise and core values. We also use Twitter and Facebook to support our client and philanthropic partners in their missions, which is very valuable for relationship building.

It can be difficult to trace the ROI of these efforts, so we have adopted an organic growth strategy to use social media as a public relations tool. Posting content on these sites ensures the information you share will rise to the top of online content because of their page and domain authority. 

Alexis Leal
Vice President

Because we’re family-owned, treating our employees like family is important to us. We not only have our own in-house mobile application that keeps our employees informed and connected, but we also stay connected through social media. We support each other personally and professionally; there’s nothing better than seeing that the company you work for—or with—cares.

We’re not only able to connect with employees, clients, potential customers and project partners, but also with members of our industry and in the communities we serve. We specialize in general building and heavy civil construction, focusing on aviation, education, government facilities, transportation, roads and bridges, and commercial buildings, and it’s important to keep the community aware of the progress that’s going on around their neighborhoods. 

Social media is our public portfolio where users can review and stay in the know. It also allows us to have a direct dialogue with our audience.

Ashley Campbell
Director of Marketing
HITT Contracting
Falls Church, Va.

Social media is a key tool in our communications approach, and we rely on multiple channels to maximize our reach. A big part of what makes the HITT brand so strong is our fans. These are team members, subcontractors, clients, people who see our signs on buildings, and even our own friends and families. It’s important for us to know who our audience is on each channel and what motivates them to follow HITT.

On Twitter, we post consumable information that is shared broadly. Our Facebook feed is focused on engaging with our team members, celebrating success and highlighting our engagement with the community. Instagram is a more lighthearted platform where followers can see what it feels like to be a HITT team member. LinkedIn is where we go to connect with our clients and design partners.

The value of social media is more relational than transactional. It creates opportunities for one-on-one engagement, allowing HITT to tell our brand story in real time and reinforcing the relationships we’re building offline. 


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