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Steve Gormley
Director of Business Development, Commercial Group
Jacksonville, Fla.

At Stellar, we establish trust with our project partners by listening to them, understanding their objectives and considering their interests. Consistent communication is key.  

It is critical that we identify, agree upon, and document any issues and challenges upfront. Prior to beginning a project, a meeting for all parties is held to review the overall project scope, bid package and subcontractor agreement requirements. Additionally, we agree on and establish a specific process for how we interact, come to decisions, and prioritize and resolve issues. Our goal is to ensure that all parties function together as one team to execute the project.

Stellar uses project management software that allows a credentialed individual to view the data at any time. Monthly or bi-monthly progress reports also are issued to the team, including all project logs and status information to ensure objectives are being met and the project is on time and on budget.

This open communication builds trust and leads to a strong relationship. At Stellar, long-term trust is a journey that starts with clear communication and honesty as the foundation.

Corey Bard
Senior Vice President of Operations
Amteck, LLC
Lexington, Ky.

Because we are committed to the success of our customers as well as our own, we base business decisions on establishing and maintaining long-term, trusting relationships. 

On a project, this is reinforced with communication and transparency among each trade, especially during the preconstruction phase. By communicating schedules, workflow, etc., we plan a project with clear objectives and an understanding of everyone’s responsibilities to meet customer expectations. Daily communication continues throughout a project to ensure milestones are met. 

Step two is execution: providing quality workmanship and prioritizing the customer’s needs throughout a project. At Amteck, quality comes from our talent pool, and we don’t bid a job if we don’t have the expertise. 

We also offer customers value engineering to save resources and time. These suggestions are offered even if it means a lower contract on our part. 
When there is an open flow of communication and quality follow-through, establishing trust happens naturally.

Christian R. Lipke
Project Executive
Turner Construction Company
Nashville, Tenn.

You don’t build trust, you earn it! But how do you earn it? The answer comes from understanding everyone’s agenda and listening closely to all parties. I get great satisfaction in putting a variety of folks together with different backgrounds and just listening. 

People assume that disagreement on issues is always about price, but often it’s about value. I often use the “integrity card” to ensure everyone is in alignment. Always doing the right thing pays off. Real success comes from helping all vested partners (owners, architects, subcontractors and vendors) meet and exceed their goals. 

If problems arise, I work to understand the issue from the other party’s perspective. By learning what is important to others and what they need to be satisfied with the outcome, a solution usually can become more achievable. 

After 36 years in the construction industry, I have learned that your reputation is really all you have—it follows you everywhere. The industry is small and highly talkative, so keeping your word and being recognized for always doing the right thing will build trust and serve you well. 


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