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As a member of the Jacksonville Beach, Fla., community for the past 11 years, FaverGray does more than build award-winning student housing, apartment, senior living and hospitality projects. It gives back to local nonprofits in a heartfelt way—one of the reasons the company has earned Associated Builders and Contractors’ Accredited Quality Contractor designation.

Last fall, FaverGray donated $25,000 to Patrons of the Hearts, a not-for-profit organization that brings children suffering from complex congenital heart problems to Wolfson Children’s Hospital for medical treatment. The critically ill children generally are from third-world countries that do not have the resources or technology to provide the care needed.

The organization’s mission is personal for FaverGray Cofounder and President Jim Gray, whose son Adam has undergone numerous heart surgeries since birth.

“It has been extremely rewarding to help children from across the globe experience the same quality of care that Adam was fortunate enough to receive here in Jacksonville,” Gray says.

In addition to supporting Patrons of the Hearts since 2005 and sponsoring the organization’s annual Artscapade fundraising event for the past five years, FaverGray has sponsored five children and covered the cost of transportation for two children from Afghanistan. The firm also solicits donations from business partners, totaling $67,850 in 2016.

“We really enjoy the fact that our donation goes to a specific child, and that we get to meet the children we sponsor and see them go through the process of being treated for their heart condition,” Gray says. “The donation actually helps save a child’s life.”

In all, FaverGray contributed more than $100,000 to local charities between July 2015 and July 2016 via sponsorships and donations to Patrons of the Hearts, the American Campus Charities Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Special Olympics, Beaches Museum & Historical Park and Children’s Tumor Foundation. The company is also a major fundraising sponsor ($25,000 annually) for Open Hand, which provides meals to critically ill residents and senior citizens. 

Joanna Masterson is senior editor of Construction Executive. For more information, email masterson@abc.org, visit constructionexec.com or follow @ConstructionMag.

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