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COVID-19 Resources

OM Systems’ cloud-based outbreak management software manages COVID-19 response efforts and containment in a closed environment. The birdseye view provides a dynamic visual map to monitor workforce health to spot and stop outbreaks and communicate with the workforce via SMS, email alerts and check-ins. 

Seek Thermal’s Seek Scan™ Kiosk is an all-in-one contactless thermal scanning solution includes a Seek Scan Camera and Reference Heat Source, a 10" tablet, aluminum stands and cables. SeekScan meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment during the COVID-19 public health emergency.


Bosch Power Tools’ 10,000 lumen Bosch GLI18V-10000C 18V Connected LED Floodlight and 4,000 lumen Bosch GLI18V-4000C 18V Connected LED Floodlight connect to smartphones via the Bosch TOOLBOX app. Users can operate and control one or multiple units remotely, turn them on and off, adjust brightness, check battery life, set timers and more.

Honeywell's Pro-Watch® Integrated Security Suite software platform protects people and property, optimizes productivity and ensures compliance with industry regulations. The compliance-driven, enterprise security software platform combines access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection and other business critical functions into a single user. 

Software & In the Cloud

Nialli Visual Planner cloud-based application digitally transforms paper-based planning processes based on principles of the Lean Construction Institute’s Last Planner® System (a subsidiary of Nureva).

Autodesk’s new model coordination workflow between Navisworks and BIM 360 Model Coordination strengthens Autodesk Construction Cloud by enabling construction teams to manage the entire model coordination workflow, including clash detection and issues management, in a common data environment.

MSUITE cloud-based software for MEP and Modular Construction provides real-time project status and KPIs tracking. Core applications include BIMPro, a plug-in for Autodesk Revit® that automates spooling selection, sheet creation and more; FabPro, a shop production management tool with advanced status tracking features; and FieldPro, a jobsite management tool to track real-time labor status and increase productivity. 

Trimble Platform as a Service, available through its SITECH distribution channel, gives contractors the option to purchase civil construction hardware and software solutions by subscription. Contractors can shift technology investment from a capital to an operating expense and get automatic upgrades to Trimble hardware, software and firmware. Bundled solutions include the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform, Trimble Siteworks Positioning systems, Trimble Correction Services and select office software. 

Microdesk’s BIMrx Fabrication DBS for fabricators, detailers, VDC and BIM Managers features 1,800+ parts from 30+ manufacturers, quarterly releases with additional parts and manufacturers, consistent global naming conventions and a native integration with BIMrx Fabrication. The database solution streamlines fabrication, eliminates connector errors, inconsistent materials and incorrect Bill of Materials. 

Green Badger LEED documentation software pairs cloud-based technology with project specific training, LEED tips and tricks, and ongoing project team support. The cross-platform, cloud-based solution connects teams for access to real time updates and documents from the field. Green Badger is offering a free LEED Product Guide to help general contractors earn credits for using sustainable and safe building products and materials (registration required).

SimScale SaaS application for engineering simulation provides instant access to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA). SimScale’s high-fidelity physics simulation technology is a user-friendly cloud application accessible via a subscription-based pricing model. Users can run multiple simulations in parallel, whether evaluating airflow around a building or testing stress and strain of materials.

Partnerships, Acquisitions & Integrations

Trimble integrations for Microsoft 365 and BIMcollab with its Trimble® Connect™ cloud-based collaboration platform gives users of both platforms a common data environment for connecting project stakeholders with the data for informed decisions and team efficiency. In real-time, project stakeholders can share, review, coordinate and comment on data-rich constructible models, schedules and critical project information. 

sensemetrics has integrated its IIoT sensor platform with technology from Topcon Positioning Group, which gives Topcon monitoring users access to sensemetrics’ productivity tools and real-time data insights to drive advances across environmental impact, risk mitigation and safety management programs. sensemetrics customers have streamlined data sharing and monitoring between the two systems. 

Video & Cool Stuff

Big Rentz’s infographic shows how construction wearables enhance safety on construction sites. For instance, smart hard hats are capable of detecting microsleeps before they happen, helping to prevent dangerous situations for those operating machinery or at risk of falling. 

EarthCam’s has compressed seven years of construction into a 90-second time-lapse video of the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project. This iconic new bridge will carry 18 million vehicle trips per year, and has the highest vertical clearance of any cable-stayed bridge in the U.S. The bridge replacement is a joint effort of Caltrans and the Port of Long Beach. Video courtesy of EarthCam.

CM Labs Simulations’ Concrete Pump Simulator, developed in collaboration with the American Concrete Pumping Association, ensures operators are proficient with using the remote-control box before being exposed to the stress of the work site. The Concrete Pump training pack incorporates CM Labs’ Smart Training Technology™, which means that real machine behavior from the backlash of the boom to machine hydraulics and stability are accurately simulated. 


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