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Azuga FleetMobile: Standalone Smartphone Edition (SSE) provides data analysis and tracking features for timecard management, driver behavior and location monitoring for under $10 per month - all without in-vehicle hardware. Azuga FleetMobile SSE includes driver behavior monitoring, location-based timestamps for time cards, gamification and driver rewards.


 Casella’s Guardian2 monitors noise, dust, vibration and wind speed and direction and assesses emitted levels, alerting users if levels exceed pre-set thresholds. The portable unit offers plug-and-play installation, combining data-logging and telemetry capabilities, and provides automated reports. The Apex2 personal dust sampling pump range monitors and analyzes dust exposure and incorporates Bluetooth connectivity with Casella’s Airwave app for remote monitoring.

Software & In The Cloud

 Viewpoint’s Spectrum® Construction Software suite’s Spectrum Business Intelligence offers reporting tools, dashboards, creative charts, graphs and geographical mapping of data for powerful data analysis with drag-and-drop features.


EasyBuild's integrated financial and project accounting software for contractors, subcontractors, homebuilders and service maintenance providers analyzes costs, revenues and liabilities. Features include optimization of cash flow, improved performance of service level agreements, efficient data storage and stock and retention management. 


 B2W Software Schedule centralizes resource planning, scheduling and dispatching processes and moves them online for real-time collaboration. Users can assign and view crews, labor, equipment and material resources with one-day, multi-day or multi-week views; and manage scheduling based on areas of responsibility.

 Acumatica Construction Edition, an end-to-end cloud business management system for general contractors, home builders, subcontractors, specialty contractors and land developers, offers project accounting, compliance management, retainage, change orders, job costing, and document management solutions. It integrates with Procore and Hyphen Solutions, payroll with Criterion, visual scheduling with SmartSheet, productivity tools with Microsoft Office 365, electronic signatures with DocuSign and Adobe, and other business applications.


Partnerships and Acquisitions

Trimble and VolkerWessels, an information and communications technology company, are collaborating to advance innovations in BIM technology and improve the management and predictability of building construction and real estate projects. Trimble will work with VolkerWessels’ stakeholders to gather real-world feedback for continued innovation in BIM-centric construction. 

Bentley Systems aquired Mumbai-based concrete building design and documentation software company S-Cube Futuretech. The acquisition expands Bentley’s for concrete engineering design and documentation software users in India, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

Video & Cool Stuff

JBKnowledge surveyed more than 2,600 builders on construction technology solutions, participant demographics, BIM workflows, it staff, mobile strategy, emerging tech staffing and budget for the 2017 Construction Technology Report

Infrastructure Preservation Corporation’s robotic systems use geophysical non-destructive technology (NDT) protocols to x-ray concrete and detect cracks, weakened areas and other structural problems in bridges. IPC’s technologies detect early-stage infrastructure degradation and deterioration in concrete and steel structures, from bridges to utility or communication towers and other public/private infrastructures.


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