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When it comes to construction and extraction (C&E) job opportunities, Baton Rouge, La., is the place to be, according to apartment listing and research company Abodo’s latest Cost and Opportunity ranking. Baton Rouge boasts the most industry positions (99.5) per 1,000 jobs in the country.

However, when looking at the cost of living, C&E workers in second-place Detroit got a bigger bang for their buck with a median wage of $53,790 and monthly one-bedroom rent of $525. The median rent in Baton Rouge was $798, but C&E workers there made only $44,900.

Because the Bureau of Labor Statistics combines extraction and construction jobs, its listing is a combination of metros with robust construction activity and a healthy energy sector. A number of markets in the Great Lakes and Midwest, including Fort Wayne, Ind., Toledo, Ohio, Oklahoma City and Cleveland, were among the top 10.


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