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Making a lasting, positive impact is ingrained into the purpose shared by Robins & Morton’s 1,200 team members and extends from the jobsite into the community. 

“Our people are passionate about the work they do,” says Aimee Comer, Robins & Morton’s vice president of people and development. “They know the things they build will be part of the community long after they finish construction, and that instills a sense of caring about their neighbors. It’s something we see at every project, and at our offices. It’s part of our culture.”

In that spirit, the company’s Giving With Purpose program was established to strengthen the communities where team members live and work through grants and in-kind donations.

“Over the years, Robins & Morton, along with its team members, trade partners and vendors, donated millions of dollars and immeasurable time to charities, volunteer organizations and outreach programs,” Comer says. “Giving With Purpose streamlines our process for supporting charitable giving requests, including those community organizations and efforts identified by our team members to help their neighbors.”

In 2019 alone, Robins & Morton made more than $1.4 million in charitable grants. That does not include the thousands of dollars generated through team member participation in community-based fundraisers, such as walks and 5ks. Additionally, last year its team members spent 620 hours volunteering as teams and gave more than 2,800 hours of their personal time to community causes.

“I’m amazed at how our people will rally around a cause, from supporting United Way to wearing pink for breast cancer awareness,” Comer says. “Recently, some of our veterans started a RED (Remember Everyone Deployed) Shirt Friday campaign to support outreach programs for veterans.”

Reflecting passion for their work, many Robins & Morton team members are active in industry outreach such as mentoring and jobsite experiences for students. That dedication to the next generation of industry leaders is also expressed through the company’s support of the Robins & Morton Construction Field Laboratory at Auburn University.

The pandemic has limited opportunities for traditional community involvement events, but Robins & Morton team members are responding creatively. After completing a senior living facility, team members helped design and construct plexiglass partitions so that residents could see and interact with loved ones. With much of their work taking place at hospitals, team members are finding opportunities to support health care staff, including banners, encouragement parades and providing meals. They’ve also kept up with activities such as food drives and turned traditional walks into virtual events.

Through their recently launched Building for Tomorrow challenge, team members are encouraging each other to level up their community involvement with suggestions for social-distancing compliant activities. The campaign will also provide a lead-up to the holiday season.

“This has been a tough year for everyone, so we wanted to end 2020 in a positive way,” says Senior Marketing Coordinator Amanda Bradley, who initiated the campaign. “We believe we can do that by finding ways to make things a little better in each of the communities we call home.” 


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