• The Business Side of Family
    One of the most striking things about family-owned businesses is that their roots
    extend far and wide through the community. For the companies that beat the
    succession odds—only about 12 percent make it past the second generation—
    their legacy is not all about the name of the founding family. It’s about
    embracing employees, contributing to the community and receiving
    support in return.
  • The Positive Side Effects
    of Mechanical Retrofits
    When the economy was in the throes of the recession, retrofit work kept
    many mechanical contractors afloat. By replacing older, degraded
    equipment with high-efficiency models, or optimizing the design and
    controls of an HVAC system, they helped shrink clients’ energy consumption by
    20 percent to 50 percent, sometimes with a payback period of one to four years.
  • Iowa Mobilizes
    New Training Resources
    Iowa’s construction industry is experiencing what most other states are
    facing: a large number of baby boomers retiring and a lack of young people
    being exposed to the skilled trades.

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