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NCCER and the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) collaborated to create the Contractors Workforce Development
Assessment (CWDA), a new tool motivating contractors and subcontractors to invest in training their existing workforces and improve their recruiting capabilities. NCCER sought input from Associated Builders and Contractors, The Associated
General Contractors of America
and organized labor to develop the assessment.

“Research has shown that craft training pays off through improved productivity and safety, and reduced absenteeism, turnover and rework,” says NCCER President Don Whyte. “The CWDA is a valuable tool to help elevate the industry‚Äôs commitment to workforce development.”

The online assessment (available at www.nccer.org/cwda) includes a questionnaire and the option to upload supporting documentation that is reviewed by a non-biased, third-party auditor. Contractors are then issued an overall scorecard, which they can choose to share with project owners. The CWDA offers three types of assessments: one tailored to construction managers, one for self-performing general or prime contractors and one for subcontractors.

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