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Dan Forget
Senior Project Manager
Sieve Contractors, Inc.
Washington, Mo.

Being involved with grassroots helps me connect with my employees. After returning from ABC’s LegCon this year, I shared my experiences on Capitol Hill to let my employees know what issues we discussed, such as OSHA inspections, project labor agreements and the National Labor Relations Board. It’s important to let them know that politics in Washington, D.C., affects business in Washington, Mo.

Personally, grassroots gets me involved. Politicians need to hear from the merit shop construction industry because the other side is always pounding at their door. ABC sends out Action Alerts via email and on the ABC Action app that only take two minutes to fill out. The letters are sent directly to your members of Congress and they really make a difference when they get large responses.

Grassroots is also a great way to network with ABC members to hear the concerns and problems they face in other parts of the country.

Carole Bionda
Vice President
Nova Group, Inc.
Napa, Calif.

I believe that direct engagement in the political process, especially at the local level, leads to a more informed constituency, which can create or enable meaningful, positive change. 

Additionally, grassroots political activity does not require the outlay of substantial amounts of money, is readily doable by most of us, and affords us a menu approach to participation: hosting meetings at your home or office, obtaining signatures on petitions, writing letters or emails to editors and legislators, putting up posters, and discussing pending legislation and candidates at informational meetings. 

From an employer’s perspective, engaged employees have better morale, are happier and more productive, and tend to make better judgments—whether voting for candidates or selecting medical care coverage—both on and off the job. Most of us want to participate in our companies and in our communities. Grassroots political activity allows us to be part of the solution versus part of the problem.

Tim Weir
Vice President
AMF Electrical Contractors, Inc.
St. Louis

Working for the preservation of the principles expressed in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence has never been about benefitting our company directly. We understand that there are things more important than “business as usual.” We know that it costs to put principles above dollars and bottom line considerations. 

Grassroots work in helping elect men and women to political office who will protect and defend every one of the personal rights expressed in the Bill of Rights is an investment in our future and that of our employees, our families and our nation. The very concept of the merit shop construction industry rests on the foundation of the Constitution. Without these rights, our nation will fall and our livelihoods will fall as well.

To us, “grassroots” means putting our money where our mouths are. It also means spending precious time working for candidates whose values we share.

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