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Stacy L. Morris
Welding Student
Southern Virginia Higher Education Center
South Boston, Va.

I believe the construction industry will allow me to financially support myself while giving me a balance of time with my family. I also enjoy the idea of traveling for work and meeting new people and seeing different parts of the country.

I chose welding because of high employment rates. Many of today’s welders are nearing the retirement age, and there is a void of skilled labor. Welding is also a stable platform to build a career around. With the various types of welding, it is a never-ending learning opportunity. I am also a very hands-on person, whether that be remodeling houses or working on cars. The construction industry and welding will present me with challenges that I look forward to solving.

Jerry Ford
Electrical Student
ABC Northern California Chapter
Modesto, Calif.

I chose to be an electrician because I have always enjoyed working with my hands and building things from the ground up. I enjoy the many new beginnings that occur working in the construction field: a new coworker, arriving at a jobsite that is nothing but dirt and learning new ways of doing my job. There is always something to look forward to, and surprises at every turn to make things interesting.

All the trades must work side by side to accomplish the job, and we often create bonds that last a lifetime.

I saw my parents struggle to raise my siblings and me, so I knew I wanted to find a profession that would give me financial freedom to spend time pursuing the passions of my life. I want to start a career, not just find a job. I want to fully engage myself with a profession and become the best that I can be at it.

Floyd H. York, Jr.
HVAC Student
ABC West Tennessee Chapter Education Trust
Saulsbury, Tenn.

I like the construction industry because it gives me the ability to work outside. Additionally, the industry is full of knowledgeable tradespeople who are usually happy to give insight into their particular craft. The knowledge these trade professionals have is priceless. Just a simple tweak on a procedural item could save you time and money.

The construction industry gives me many opportunities to meet a diverse group of individuals—from a helper to a CEO of a corporation—and allows me to use a multitude of different equipment, tools and machinery.

The HVAC field is exciting, in high demand and very extensive—from boilers and chillers to large air-conditioning systems and many different heating systems. The trade is constantly evolving and adapting to the future of the industry. The controls are more computerized than before. I like that this craft includes understanding blueprints, schematics, ductwork, electrical and plumbing to complete an installation. You are constantly learning.

These are three of the 10 recipients of Associated Builders and Contractors’ 2016-2017 Build Your Future scholarship, funded by NCCER. Applications for the 2017-2018 academic year will be accepted starting May 1, 2017. For more information, visit abc.org.

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