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Tom Philley
Executive Vice President
Moss Construction
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

A lot of thought went into the opening of our new office in Dallas. Previously, Moss had completed several projects in the area, and we found that North Texas offered us greater access to transportation, maximized travel options and provided a great national platform for our employees who work coast to coast. In addition to having a talented and capable workforce, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is strategically located for multifamily, hospitality and other commercial markets. 

Some of our best practices when entering a new territory include conducting market research on possible competitors, potential clients, and the local construction and development trends. In the case of our move to Dallas, we also brought on Robert Hodges, who has more than three decades of construction experience and knowledge of the local market to help us with a thorough market analysis to understand potential opportunities and challenges. He’s taken on the role of vice president at our Dallas office. We also developed a business plan to keep us strategically aligned with our goals. 

Alex Bazdar
Chief Executive Officer
Classic Rock
Harrisburg, Pa.

 When we decided to open our second location in Fall 2016, we selected Pittsburgh because we saw the need for a company with our unique business model. Our primary location is in Central Pennsylvania, and we have covered construction projects in the surrounding areas of Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. 

By opening a manufacturing plant in Pittsburgh, we created opportunities to capture work within the new markets of western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. We felt very strongly that our future success would come from market diversification. 

When we researched this new market, we found that our model, which focuses our products very selectively, did not exist. By focusing on what seems like a small segment, it actually becomes a large opportunity because most others focus on competing in segments that are oversaturated. We look for the segment that has very little to no competition. We are currently in the process of opening our third location, which will be completed by June 2018.

Bob Jones
President, Landscape Construction
Ruppert Landscape
Laytonsville, Md.

Our latest landscape construction branch evolved from a satellite operation that was established to serve several large-scale installation projects in the region. The continuing success of these projects enabled us to develop a more permanent presence in the market. When we open new facilities in the regions where our projects are concentrated, it allows us to be more responsive and efficient in our work and provide growth opportunities for our employees.

Not every market is right for every company—pricing, labor availability, and existing client and vendor relationships are all important factors. Local businesses are often a good resource for information and can help you navigate the rules of that market. 

Most importantly, you have to have the right people on board who know your culture and values, processes and procedures, and can help perpetuate them to make the transition more seamless. If you’re able to maintain your culture, even at great distances, then your chances of success are better. 


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