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Keaton Green
Frampton Construction
Ladson, S.C.

Frampton Construction has developed a culture driven by the mentality to “challenge everything.” To better implement this approach, Frampton’s upper management team recently performed a complete audit of the company, including personnel requirements, career paths, client management, preconstruction development, operations procedures and technology. 

Frampton Construction has a history of delivering successful projects and understands that in an ever-changing industry marked by faster schedules, tighter budgets, shifting building trends and even cloud computing, what worked in the past won’t necessarily work in the future. We want our team members to know that their voice is always heard, and we encourage them to address and present a better solution on any item of concern. This drives passion, innovation and creativity, and overall creates a better culture within the company. As continuous advancements are made, we deliver higher standard projects and attract the best talent.

Nancy Martin
Director of Human Resources
Erland Construction
Burlington, Mass.

Erland recently restructured our organization to assign project managers and field staff to one of our three operating groups. One of the motivators for doing this was to improve internal communications by holding group managers responsible for keeping their group members informed about company news in the way that department heads have done for their employees in the past. The group structure helps identify training needs—that can be met through a more flexible training program—and facilitates annual performance reviews in a more timely manner. The impact of this shift to operating groups has been improved morale, as well as more open communication and an increased willingness to participate in efforts to improve company processes.

Among the process changes we have made in the last couple of years was the introduction of new technology for both project management and field management. This technology supports our corporate mission to increase efficiency in the manner of lean construction.

Bill Karanian
Principal and COO
The S/L/A/M Collaborative
Glastonbury, Conn.

Our practice has identified and defined cultural drivers that represent our core values and beliefs and align with our long-term strategic objectives. We expect to continually evolve as a firm and build upon our successes through expertise, leadership, mentorship and knowledge-sharing.

In the last two years, we have recognized the profoundly social aspects of knowledge. We also have recognized that to have an impact and promote change, we need to act quickly. One step to accomplishing this was the development of a strong firm-wide intranet that would capture information and data with frequent and timely posts. Our intranet has acted as a catalyst for change through the sharing of ideas deliberately seeking out opportunities to connect, consult, analyze and explore.

This has led to greater engagement of personnel, a clearer path for professional growth, and better and more frequent communication and collaboration—reinforcing our objective of being “one firm.”

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