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Peggy Del Fabbro
M. Davis & Sons, Inc.
Wilmington, Del.

M. Davis & Sons is a fifth generation construction company that builds, installs and maintains corporate plants and facilities for national and international companies. M. Davis began as a tinsmith shop in 1870 and has evolved into a company that services Fortune 500 companies. 

Our mission statement says it all: To provide quality services to our clients while providing satisfaction, security and a safe workplace for our team. At the end of the day, we want our team members to return to their families. 

There are many safety moments we could share, but one statistic stands out significantly. During the last 12 years, M. Davis has worked for one customer at various sites throughout Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey without a recordable incident. That equates to 1,105,235 working hours. 

The reason this is possible is that safety is one of our core values; it’s present at all levels of the company and in everything we do. 

Giovanny Morales
Environmental, Health & Safety Manager
S.T. Wooten
Wilson, N.C.

One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my career came from a presentation I gave during a managers meeting on the topic of making safety personal. We talked about how safety is so much more than a numbers game; it’s a moral responsibility. We have to ensure everyone returns home to their families at the end of the day. 

To illustrate the gravity of the situation, we did a role-play scenario with managers from all levels, who took it very seriously even though it can be tough getting up on stage in front of a lot of colleagues.

I was happy, but not surprised, to see how much this message resonated with our company leaders as the presentation unfolded because it’s ingrained in our DNA. Our great track record for safety doesn’t necessarily come from our dedication to statistical objectives, but rather from the personal responsibility our employees have for themselves, the lives of their coworkers and the public. 

Marie H. Wright
Safety Manager
Worth & Company, Inc.
Pipersville, Pa.

One of my proudest safety moments came during a helicopter lift on a roof that could have turned into a disaster if not for our team’s diligent preparation, skill, and dedication to the job and one another.

After multiple safety planning meetings and jobsite visits, as well as safety checklists, a helicopter lift plan and a helicopter pre-lift inspection, what could go wrong? As it turned out, an unexpected malfunction was caused by the loss of a rear rotor blade. The helicopter began spiraling out of control, making an emergency drop of heavy equipment onto the roof necessary. Even in this harrowing situation, team members followed safety protocol and put their rigorous training into action. No one panicked, and our “brother’s keeper” culture took over to keep everyone safe until the pilot was able to land successfully in the parking lot.

I am proud to say there were no injuries and minimal property damage. 

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