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Zac Wolpert
Preconstruction Specialist
Kinsley Construction, Inc.
York, Pa.

As I was nearing completion of my degree, I was looking for an opportunity to gain practical experience with a company with a proven track record.

I think it is of the upmost importance for young professionals to find managers and businesses that share principals, objectives and goals similar to theirs. The best way to understand this concept is to absorb as much information as possible, as early as possible.

It is imperative for young professionals to build as many new relationships as possible for the long term. With the technology and educational resources available today, young professionals are looking for opportunities to continue to grow every day, and not just be another statistic in the industry.

Having this opportunity to grow, while remembering to always be reliable and fair, will allow young professionals to succeed for years to come. We understand that every day is different from the last, and each new day provides an opportunity to continue developing as an industry-leading professional.

Jennifer Schrider
Director of Marketing and Business Development
Henley Construction Co., Inc.
Gaithersburg, Md.

As the product of a generation that has learned from the phenomenon of dot-com empires and the recent economic decline, it is very important for me to feel unwavering stability in the company I work for. In the past, a young professional like myself may have emphasized the importance of being a passenger on a company’s fast-track train to growth. Today, most opt for an occupation that is more “recession proof.”

An ideal workplace offers the potential to reach personal ambitions while setting attainable goals. A successful future can be fulfilled with a position at a company that has an exemplary reputation and a history of past accomplishments.

Many companies had to implement cutbacks during recent years. The firms that kept—and continue to maintain—quality staff are those that may not focus on materialistic perks, but can provide employees with peace of mind for their future.

Matt Pace
Estimator/Project Manager
Southeastern Contracting, LLC
Hattiesburg, Miss.

One of the things today’s young professionals look for in a company is an organization that strives to respect its employees just as it expects the employees to respect the organization. Some examples of employers showing young employees respect include allowing them to take on unique leadership opportunities or try things a different way, while being careful not to micro-manage the employee too much. Not only does this show respect for the employee’s abilities, but it also could produce a better way to complete tasks. 

Also, I believe young professionals are on the lookout for companies that make it a goal to stay ahead of the curve on the technology side of the business, as well as employee development and training. An employer that is doing these things truly cares about its employees, which in turn can be a magnet for eager young professionals looking for an organization to grow with for the long haul.

For more information on ABC National’s Young Professionals group, visit youngprofessionals.abc.org.

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