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Forty percent of U.S. owners and 38 percent of U.K. owners expect more than 75 percent of their projects will involve BIM within the next two years, according to a recent McGraw Hill Construction SmartMarket report.

Growth in the United Kingdom is being driven by a central government mandate requiring the use of BIM on all national public projects by 2016, with 67 percent of U.K. owners reporting the mandate has a high impact on their use of BIM. The mandate is driving a much higher general level of BIM involvement in the United Kingdom than in the United States. According to the survey:
  • U.K. owners are more aware of BIM use by core project team members (architects and general contractors) than their U.S. counterparts;
  • most U.K. owners (88 percent) are formally measuring the impact of BIM, but only 18 percent of U.S. owners are; and
  • more U.K. owners agree they have experienced key BIM benefits, such as enhanced visualization, fewer problems due to design and construction errors or coordination issues, and better control of construction costs and the project schedule.
Despite owners’ increasing usage, the study reveals the need for more industry professionals with BIM skills, as well as the need for better standards of model development and exchange to enable use of the model across the entire project team.

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