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The following top five real estate and facility management trends are expected to grow this year and become mainstream in the near future, according to research conducted by Planon, a Boston-based software company.
  1. The Internet of Things: Affordable sensors can measure the occupancy of a workplace or meeting room minute by minute, providing big data for analysis with the right software. Additional functionality in apps can help users check the availability of workspaces by scanning a QR code on a desk or swiping an RFID tag.
  2. Mobile culture: The average workplace occupancy rate is dropping, and a large portion of the workforce has private commitments that require flexibility. Businesses are striving to offer creative, flexible environments to attract the right talent.
  3. Alternative workplaces: Organizations are embracing new ways of working to foster more efficient collaboration, knowledge sharing, flexibility, speed, innovation and productivity. 
  4. Increased BIM adoption: Applying BIM and BIM methodologies to manage and operate buildings over their life cycle provides a platform for real-time collaboration, logistics and quality management.
  5. Cloud delivery models: Cloud adoption in the workplace management space is still in its early stage. As momentum builds, more projects will use cloud services in years to come.


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