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Eighty-three percent of North American AEC executives ranked rebuilding aging infrastructure as the industry’s top priority, according to ARC Document Solutions’ 2015 Construction Trends Survey. About half of respondents also ranked building clean power plants and expanding projects that secure fresh water as major concerns, followed by expanding cities’ rail transit (28 percent) and building high-speed regional rail (21 percent). 

Additionally, 72 percent of AEC executives reported that technology is most likely to influence future architecture and construction in North America, exceeding the anticipated effects of population increases and global warming (45 percent and 41 percent, respectively). Only 31 percent believe new building materials are likely to make a big impact. 

In terms of increasing productivity and reducing costs, respondents stated the three most important capabilities are communication tools to keep the project team on track, online access for all project participants and tracking the budget in real time. Nearly 50 percent also indicated the leading cause of project delays was the use of incorrect or faulty drawings or specifications. 

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