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Meyer Najem is proud of the fact it builds more than buildings; it builds relationships. And a big part of that is building relationships with the community surrounding its headquarters in Fishers, Ind.

“Philanthropy is one of our strategic initiatives to ensure we never forget why we’re as successful as we are,” says Meyer Najem President Tim Russell. He notes the commitment stems from the personal philosophies of the company’s founders, Karl Meyer and Anthony Najem, who contributed time and money to their children’s schools, their churches and other worthy causes. “That philanthropy became a framework for Meyer Najem. The giving began and has never stopped,” Russell says. 

During the past 29 years, the management-owned company has supported more than 1,000 nonprofits and has given more than $1 million to local, regional, national and global organizations—ranging from the American Cancer Society and YMCA to the Indianapolis Zoo and Hamilton East Public Libraries. Given the firm’s prominent work in the health care market, hospital foundations are a point of emphasis as community partners and beneficiaries.

Most recently, Meyer Najem collected winter outerwear for the Shepherd Community Center and Valentine’s Day cards for the Riley Children’s Hospital, as well as held a food drive with 100 percent employee participation that resulted in more than 40,000 servings of food being distributed among three organizations serving children and the homeless.

The company also kicks off its spring barbeque with a blood drive that collects enough to help 60 patients, on average, as well as hosts an annual “Swing into Giving” charity golf outing, which raised more than $50,000 for the Humane Society for Hamilton County in 2015. This year, the event will be held July 29.

In 2005, Meyer Najem received the Small Business Philanthropist of the Year award from the Association of Fundraising Professionals for not only its financial philanthropic support, but also its dedication to motivating others to be leaders in the community. Internally, the company welcomes a cross-section of employees to serve on its philanthropy committee, which meets monthly to review charitable requests for alignment with company values. Meyer Najem also supports employees’ personal engagements, such as participating in charity walks and runs, coaching local sports teams or collecting items for local churches.

“This support gets the ball moving,” Russell says. “People get excited and have a sense of pride from their involvement to help make a difference.”  

Joanna Masterson is senior editor of Construction Executive. For more information, email masterson@abc.org or follow @ConstructionMag

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