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Peter Kozicz 
President and CEO
Tulsa, Okla.

The AQC program provides another level of accountability to ensure that we are constantly taking measure of our operations, processes and goals. 

First and foremost, we are always refining our safety standards. Additionally, our employees are more involved with their communities today than ever before. 

In the past year and a half, Flintco has invested nearly $1 million in employee training, including rolling out an online center that provides safety and job-specific application training and contracting with Navy SEALs to lead a two-day intensive boot camp. 
This year, after noticing an industry-wide need for better quality assurance and quality control practices, Flintco established a Corporate Quality Assurance department dedicated to ensuring each project meets rigorous standards. 

Lee Jenkins 
Vice President
Performance Contractors, Inc.
Baton Rouge, La.

Performance Contractors embraced the Total Quality Management concept in 1993. Later that same year, we applied and received accreditation in the inaugural ABC AQC program. 

Embracing the concepts of the AQC program of commitment to providing the “highest quality of construction services for our clients, along with demonstrating a sincere concern for our employees and the communities in which we live and work” has been a defining characteristic of Performance Contractors.

Everything we do in terms of procedural operation and workforce development, along with investing in the betterment of our communities, can be attributed to the guidelines of the AQC Program.  

Also, we feel strongly that our operational alignment with AQC’s measureable activities provides confirmation that our business execution objectives are on target.

Phil Clarke 
Director of Safety, Health & Training 
KS Industries
Bakersfield, Calif.

At KS Industries, “safety” isn’t just a buzzword; it is a values-driven system deeply ingrained in the company culture. 
Company owner and founder Ken Small states, “My customers encouraged me to start this company because I understand safety, quality, productivity and cost control. I have been able to maintain these core principles and experience steady growth by surrounding myself with outstanding people who share these same principles.” 

Our continued membership with AQC has helped us attract top-notch talent based on the knowledge that they are coming to work for a company with a stellar safety record in a highly hazardous industry. Our membership also motivates us to continually look at innovative ways to improve our safety processes and attract new business.

Bill Halsey
Structural Associates
East Syracuse, N.Y.

The AQC program recognizes a commitment by the contractor to its customers, employees and the construction industry as a whole. AQC companies are dedicated to continual improvement and to delivering a high level of customer service and quality while providing employees with a safe work environment, competitive wages and benefits, as well as training and professional growth opportunities.  

Structural Associates, Inc. made the commitment to become an AQC contractor in 1998, and for the past 16 years, we have used the tenets of the program to direct our vision for the company. Through the self-assessment process that is part of the annual AQC application, and the related Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) program, we are able to evaluate our operations relative to the AQC standards for quality, safety, employee benefits, training and community relations. I believe our business operations have improved as a result.  

For more information on ABC’s AQC program, email aqc@abc.org or visit www.abc.org/aqc.

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