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Rachel R. Rounsaville
Workforce Development Manager

As with many organizations that grow through acquisitions, Jacobs addresses its talent management through integrated solutions. By customizing the Jacobs Oracle Learning Management (OLM) system, we were able to track accomplishments across all business units globally and find the best technology solution that is both efficient for our current needs and scalable for our future needs. 

The enhanced usability of the OLM system furthers Jacobs’ overall goal of creating a single source of accuracy for the organization by migrating historical data for our employees to one place. Also, by automating many repetitive data entry tasks, administrators can focus on more strategic activities, such as assessing effectiveness and measuring results through real-time reporting.

There will always be challenges in keeping up with technology. Our goal is not to create “paralysis through analysis,” but rather focus on the need and then find the appropriate solution.

Dan Hinson
Vice President, Finance

Last year, SpawGlass created a new position for a project applications support manager so we would have a go-to person not just for addressing hardware issues such as servers, printers and wi-fi, but also for translating specific software applications for the end user.

The key was matching the right person to the job. We brought a long-time project manager from the field over to the IT department because we wanted someone who could look at it from both sides.

In addition to the newly created position, we formed an IT steering committee with representatives from each of our regional offices so we could prioritize the technology opportunities that are most important to SpawGlass—not just stopping to look at every new shiny penny.

From their direction, we were able to focus on key software applications and really learn about how the company utilizes them. We decided to keep using the system we already have, but perform a major upgrade. The new version offers new tools we didn’t have, so it almost feels like a new software.

Roger Thimm
Wondra Construction
Iron Ridge, Wis.

I have tried to be an early adopter of technology.

To keep up with never-ending technology changes, I keep the software Wondra Construction depends upon the most up to date, and I follow what new updates the software developer is installing in its product. 

I also get outside my daily routine and go to networking events, conferences, user group meetings and other social events to learn how technology is being used throughout the construction industry. I then try to monitor new products to see what the excitement is about.

During our slow season, I typically implement an upgrade or installation to our hardware or software products. Every year, I try to change at least one thing we are doing to improve our workflow.

Wondra Construction is currently working on setting up tablets and a paperless time card system in the field this upcoming season, as well as upgrading wi-fi capabilities on our project sites.

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