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Engineering and construction executives’ pay has declined about 8 percent since 2008, according to a recent white paper published by FMI. However, pay for construction and engineering professionals is on the rise, with FMI reporting a 10 percent overall increase in professional compensation since 2008.

FMI’s executive pay index includes all forms of compensation, including bonuses and long-term benefits, whereas the professional index only includes base salary. The report shows a sharp reduction in CEO, COO and CFO bonuses in 2013 and a steady
decline since 2008, most often resulting from poor corporate profit performance. In terms of executive bonuses, financial executives and business unit executives have experienced the steepest declines.

FMI also examined which executive positions experienced the highest base salary gains since 2009, finding that the biggest increases were for positions in project management and estimating that are tied to controlling costs through effective contract management, bid procedures, procurement, logistics and equipment operations management. Public relations executives also saw executive salary increases, demonstrating the industry’s strong desire to present a positive public image.

To read the full report, visit fminet.com.


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