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The Construction Users Roundtable’s 2015 Construction Industry Safety Excellence awards recognized nine general building, heavy construction and specialty trade contractors for their exemplary safety performance during the past three years. Recipients were: Kirlin Builders, Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Gilbane Building Co., NOVAGroup, Inc., Lauren Engineers and Constructors, AECOM, Standard Constructors, United Group Services and STARCON International.  

Four programs also were honored with CURT’s 2015 Workforce Development awards:
  • Turner Industries Group (comprehensive workforce development program);
  • Crossland Academy (outreach, training and retention efforts); 
  • Construction Education Foundation of Georgia and HB NEXT (new training center with a boot camp-style construction training program in downtown Atlanta); and
  • United Association Veterans inPiping Program (accelerated 18-week welding training).
Honorable mentions went to the BuildingAmerica Careers mentor program, KBR's/Brown and Roots' High Flyer program for site managers, and Jacobs’ journeyman certification program.

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