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Thirty-five percent of construction companies have no in-house IT staff, and another 42 percent only have one person handling IT responsibilities, according to a recent survey by Sage Construction and Real Estate. In addition, 19 percent of contractors don’t know how much is spent on IT compared to annual revenue, and two out of four firms spent less than 1 percent of revenue on IT.

Nearly half of firms surveyed have no mobile security plan in place. More than 80 percent of respondents indicated mobile technology is important to their business, with contractors particularly interested in sharing drawings, schedules and photos; customer and job information; and project reports. However, about 65 percent of firms do not deem cloud computing or big data as important, and three-quarters of firms are completely unfamiliar with big data.

Forty percent of contractors don’t use technology to attract new business; those that do rely one stimating and bidding software (49 percent) and CRM software (11 percent).

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