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Construction Executive has launched a new series of webinars to provide readers with valuable professional education on the industry’s latest best practices and management strategies.

The first in the CE Professional Education Series, “Grow Profitably With a Rigorous Focus on Business Development,” was presented by a panel from D. Brown Management and sponsored by Viewpoint Construction Software.

This one-hour webinar provided insights for owners, executives, estimators, project managers and business development professionals on how to develop a market strategy, leverage a company’s strengths, build systematic business development processes, win more business and ensure customer satisfaction.

“Business development is very much a process, and it has a defined beginning and end, just like a project does,” David Brown begins the presentation. “Look at your competitors, and look at your competitive advantages. Prioritize your prospecting lists. Measure your process and monitor it. At the end of the day, your best business development tactic is having a satisfied customer that loves you—and preferably a growing customer that loves you.”

“Nothing will have a more positive impact on a company than bringing in more quality revenue on a recurring basis,” continues Raymond Braswell. “I equate this to race car driving. You can have the best pit crew, like a construction company can have the best project managers and superintendents, and a great driver—the owner of the company or division leader. But how many times have you seen a car run out of gas before it gets to the finish line? The gas is the business development that brings in quality revenue. That is what drives everything.”

Construction Executive readers may access the archived webinar free of cost. 

To submit a topic or presentation for a future webinar in the CE Professional Development Series, visit ce.constructionexec.com/forms/webinars

David BrownRaymond Braswell

About the Presenters
David Brown,  president and senior consultant of D Brown Management, spent most of his construction career as a subcontractor, starting as an apprentice electrician in 1988, and worked his way into executive management. He founded the consulting company in 2005 with the vision of helping share best practices across the industry in a more efficient manner than the typical “school of hard knocks” that most owners, executives and managers go through.  

Raymond Braswell, D Brown Management senior consultant, began his career as an architect and then moved to the construction side of the industry as president of two large general contracting companies. He used aggressive business development tactics and heavily leveraged preconstruction services to grow one business from $20 million to more than $400 million and the second one to more than $900 million. 

Brian Andrew, D Brown Management group manager, financial solutions, has more than 25 years of construction accounting experience, including seven years as a CFO, and significant experience consulting with hundreds of contractors across the United States. He takes a hands-on approach working with clients to integrate their accounting more tightly with business development, estimating and operations to improve performance. 

About the Sponsor

Viewpoint Construction Software has been working with contractors since 1976 to provide modern products and comprehensive services that help customers do more with less, be more competitive and profitable, as well as provide a long-term risk mitigation strategy against change in technology, the marketplace and regulatory environment.

About Construction Executive

Construction Executive reaches more than 50,000 contractors and construction-related business owners and has won more than 15 editorial awards. The magazine has been published by Associated Builders and Contractors Services Corp. since 2003 and serves as a leading source for news, market developments and business issues impacting the construction industry. 

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