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BuiltWorlds, a media partner of Construction Executive, is a community and network that believes in innovation through collaboration to push the built industry forward. Through its events, ecosystem, and supporting video and written content, BuiltWorlds provides tools, knowledge, inspiration and connections to grow careers, companies and the industry.

“The built world is powered by our oldest industry—one that is slow to move and slow to change. With every connection we make and every event we hold, we've seen the value of starting conversations and bringing people together, first hand.”

BuiltWorlds invites CE readers to attend the following upcoming events.

Date: Dec. 1-3, 2017
Title: Hackathon
Location: Chicago, IL
Link: https://builtworldshackathon2017.splashthat.com/

The Hackathon is a weekend-long competition where all-star developers, makers and built industry experts gather to hack solutions to burning built environment problems. Its concurrent event, the Construction Profitability Challenge, is an opportunity for four emerging leaders from general contracting firms to receive training from FMI, the top management consultants in construction. There are only a few spots left for the challenge. For more information, email Isabel Singer at isabel.singer@builtworlds.com

Date: Dec. 6, 2017
Title: Future Workforce Conference
Location: Chicago, IL
Link: https://builtworlds.com/event/future-workforce-conference/

An aging workforce, a lack of diversity, concerns about personal safety, a lack of understanding about how to attract millennials and a reluctance to adopt technology are all contributing factors to the decline in available construction talent.Nonetheless, the reality is that our emerging workforce is not meeting the evolving needs of the industry, and because of it, companies are consistently turning away projects. And thus, profits.

The Future Workforce Conference will feature more than 20 world experts in recruiting and HR to discuss how to solve the industry’s workforce dilemma once and for all. The event will feature specific front-line case studies of successful recruiting tactics from industry leaders, interactive breakout sessions to get to the core of workforce issues and speed networking to help attendees meet like-minded senior leaders who are exploring similar solutions.

Date: Feb. 22, 2018
Title: Projects Conference
Location: New York, NY
Link: https://builtworlds.com/event/projects-conference-new-york-city/

Projects are the heart of how the built world thinks. Whether it’s planning a city or neighborhood, developing skyscrapers and buildings, designing an airport, building a bridge or otherwise, work is defined in terms of projects. And it’s no secret that the process of planning and executing  projects has been forever altered by emerging technology. No stakeholder is exempt; developers, real estate executives, architects, engineers, contractors, built tech creators and facilities manager are all equally responsible for making sense of the technology infiltrating the market. This event will feature case studies of technology adoption on major projects from around the world straight from the experts who completed them.

Date: April 11-April 13, 2017
Title: BuiltWorlds' Summit 
Location: Chicago, IL
Link: https://builtworlds.com/event/builtworlds-summit-2018/ 

Disruptive technology, climate change, global urbanization and the millennial workforce are redefining how we build. Forward thinking leaders in the built industry are tasked with making sense of it all and figuring out how to adapt. The Summit features action-packed days filled with expert keynotes and panels, interactive breakout sessions, and opportunistic networking that will arm attendees with the tools to break through the noise and figure out how to position their companies for success in the face of uncertainty. 

BuiltWorlds members receive 50 percent off of Summit tickets. For more information about membership, email Isabel Singer at isabel.singer@builtworlds.com.

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