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During committee consideration of the Veterans, Skilled Workers and Community Workforce Act (H.B. 283) in the Delaware General Assembly, hundreds of nonunion construction workers descended on the capitol to demonstrate their opposition to the legislation, which proposes requiring state projects to be governed by a project labor agreement (PLA) with the Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council. The Associated Builders and Contractors Delaware Chapter has spearheaded a campaign to educate the public on PLAs, citing the fact that 92 percent of Delaware’s private construction workforce does not belong to a union and effectively would be shut out of competing for projects funded by their own tax dollars. 

H.B. 283 also would require 30 percent of the workforce on all public works, construction and improvement projects to come from the state representative district where the project is located. Additionally, 5 percent of the workforce would have to be eligible Delaware veterans. 

Although the bill was approved at the committee level, the Delaware General Assembly has yet to take further action. 

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