America’s Unstructured Infrastructure Strategy

There is little chance the United States can pay back its accumulated debt obligations, relieve congestion, promote public safety, embrace innovation, accommodate population growth, and enhance productivity without radically increasing infrastructure investment. Public-private partnerships represent the only conceivable solution, even if it is only a partial solution.

Best in Show

In just three years, Clark Construction’s Tampa, Fla., office and members of the local community have raised more than $65,000 via a car show benefitting Everyday Blessings. The nonprofit organization allows siblings who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, abandonment or neglect to stay together in a safe and stable environment and provides them with the support they need.

Building a Fraud-Free Worksite

The sheer complexity of the construction industry leaves businesses vulnerable to a litany of fraud schemes, the majority of which are not new. However, organizations can implement anti-fraud controls to limit the risk of corruption and ensure an effective compliance program.

Deriving the Most Value From an MIS

Some red flags that indicate a contractor’s MIS may not be functioning properly include key project and financial reports that are difficult to understand or interpret; projects that exhibit late-stage profit fades; unexpected or unexplained unfavorable cash flow issues; or projects that consistently reflect late-stage under-billed positions.

Challenging Everything Contractors Know About Liens, Bond Claims and Financial Risk

  It’s hard to understate how prevalently misunderstood the concepts of mechanics liens, bond claims and financial risk are in the construction industry. Those who try to evade dealing with these issues tend to get scorned, while companies that confront these issues head-on tend to succeed.

Four Qualities of a Great Safety Leader

  The best leaders are level headed and confident in their judgment, and can react effectively in an emergency. Most importantly, a great leader never compromises safety in pursuit of business goals or in order to meet deadlines.

The Top 10 Pros and Cons of Arbitration

Though it’s common for contract provisions to require arbitration, owners, general contractors and subcontractors frequently disagree over the merits of this method of dispute resolution. The decision to agree to mandatory arbitration frequently depends on whether the company is viewed as a potential defendant or a potential plaintiff.

Cloud-Based GPS: A Future-Proof Investment

  Within seconds, a cloud-based solution can turn any construction fleet  into a more efficient, safer and results-based operation for a price that will ensure incredible ROI from the start and future-proof the  investment for the future.

Need to Know: Updates to the 2014 MasterFormat

In April 2014 CSI and Construction Specifications Canada released the newest update to MasterFormat, incorporating hundreds of changes to the 2012 version.

Missouri Changes Interpretation of Discrimination Under Workers’ Compensation Law

In April, the Supreme Court of Missouri changed its longstanding interpretation of what an employee must prove to establish wrongful discharge or other discrimination under Section 287.780 of its workers' compensation law.


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2018 Regional Construction Outlook
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