Easing Change in the Health Care Industry With Third-Party Project Management

  With the changes enacted by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), budgets are tighter than ever and health care facilities must handle new technological demands and an expanding patient population. In this new paradigm, it’s not just a low bid that wins business for health care contractors. It’s the promise that their services will save money while adding value.

LEED v4 Addresses Building Performance and User Experience

LEED v4, which the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) launched in November 2013, represents a technical update to the rating system that offers a better focus on building performance, an improved user experience and a new global perspective.

The Aging Workforce's Impact on Health and Safety

With 31.9 million workers over the age of 55 estimated to be in the U.S. labor force by 2025, it’s important to examine the physical, psychosocial and cognitive issues related to aging. Construction companies cannot continue to run their businesses as usual and expect older workers to remain safe.

Golf Tournament Benefits Pediatric Cancer Patients in Alabama

In the last two years, M.J. Harris has raised more than $75,000 for aTeam Ministries, with its latest golf tournament bringing in more than $40,000 from sponsors and individual donations from 160 golfers.

Addressing Vulnerabilities in Workplace Policies

With each new year comes an opportunity to update handbooks and recommit management to policy compliance with the latest sets of rules and interpretations. Recent legal decisions provide new guidance on confidentiality, investigation and social media policies.

Industrial Investment Begins to Surge

America is on the verge of a period of more profound investment in its factories and distribution centers. Bolstering the idea that the United States is returning to historically competitive rates of growth is the ongoing surge in energy production, largely due to shale-related technological advances.

High Stakes for State Leadership on the 2014 Ballot

While the 2014 congressional elections will attract the most attention from pundits and the national media, state-level elections are likely to have the greatest impact on the business community and average Americans.

High Standards

Roofing contractors in Florida and Massachusetts emphasize safety, technology and sustainability; plus, award-winning problem-solving at a Dallas museum.

Great[er] Expectations

These days, rigorous safety protocols, fair pricing and tight scheduling aren’t the only hallmarks of the manufacturing construction segment. Technological capabilities and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) expertise are gaining importance with plant owners—giving a competitive edge to contractors with the right mix of skilled employees to execute these services.

Neural Leadership: Using the Brain to Build a Better Business

Five neural leadership practices can help construction business owners and managers work more effectively with their crews to solve problems and make more informed strategic decisions.


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