An Industrial-Sized Family

ABC's Contractor of the Year, Iowa-based Interstates Companies, stays grounded in its core values while building relationships for the future.

From Classroom to Career

Last fall, the ABC Central Ohio Chapter opened its own charter school as a way to erase deficiencies in high school training
and put local students on an early path to apprenticeship and employment. In just one year, the chapter put regulatory compliance in place, added classrooms at its existing training facility and recruited an inaugural class of 30 students.

Understanding a Buyer’s Decision-Making Process

Contractors are sticklers for accuracy when it comes to meeting project specifications and schedules, but that attention to detail doesn’t always extend to customer relationships. Time and again, research shows buyers and sellers experience the marketplace very differently and often expect different things from their counterparts.

The State of the Insurance Market

As construction firms budget for the second half of 2014, one of the major expense items under review is insurance. Formulating an accurate picture of the future requires examining the impact of recent industry metrics.

Executive Insights: Insurance & Surety Bonding

Insurance and surety experts discuss how contractors can leverage surety bonding when competing for private projects; how
they can ensure they are not purchasing a fraudulent bond; what major factors they should evaluate when selecting a surety; and what documentation they should bring to an initial meeting for establishing a bond limit.

NFPA 285: What Contractors Need to Know

  NFPA 285 is the standard for fire testing in exterior walls when combustible materials, such as foam plastic continuous insulation and water-resistive barriers, are components within the wall assembly. This stringent and expensive test provides a specific method of determining the flammability characteristics of complete exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies/panels.

When State Laws Conflict With Payment Bond Terms

Payment bonds are always associated with contractual terms, but sometimes they also are simultaneously regulated by statute. This results in a legal battle among the freedom of contract, public policy and statutory authority—and often leads to a big legal black hole.

Don't Be a Victim of Fraud: New Resource Verifies Sureties and Bonds

A number of cases have occurred in which federal Miller Act performance and payment bonds issued by unscrupulous individual sureties were found to be false, and the assets to secure the bonds were insufficient or nonexistent. In many such cases, the subcontractors and suppliers that the surety bond was supposed to protect were left with no remedy for nonpayment.

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Online Project Management Technology

In the face of global competition, rising materials and labor costs, and changing regulations, online project management technologies can help construction companies become more efficient by improving collaboration, modernizing IT solutions and streamlining workflow processes. Taking advantage of these new technologies not only helps lower operating costs and reduces building time, but it also helps increase profits. 

The Right Way to Do Collections and Get Paid on Time

Collections problems often stem from the fact that many commercial clients have poor payment records. However, the greater
problem is that most midsized construction companies do not have a well-organized system for collecting invoices. Instead, they make collection calls when they have the time or when they need money. This approach results in cash flow problems that could easily be prevented.


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