Student-to-Industry Career Connections

Construction students enrolled at technical colleges and university programs are some of most highly motivated job candidates out there. They’re catching the attention of local contractors looking for fresh talent, and they’re already making a name for themselves in their field—getting paid to work on big projects while balancing full course loads of estimating, programming and management classes. Not only are construction management (CM) students making connections with leading contractors, but they’re also passing the torch to local high school students by demonstrating the value of pursuing an early career path in the industry.

Modular and Prefabrication: A Response to Skills Shortages

While expanding skilled craft training programs and forging partnerships with high schools, vocational schools, community colleges and universities represent productive pursuits, the reality is many young workers do not appear inclined to enter the construction trades. One potential response is to simplify the onsite construction process through modularization and prefabrication.

Why Mentoring Matters

  Dr. Jonathan U. Dougherty, director of the Corporate Knowledge Center (CKC) at James G. Davis Construction Corporation, discusses what makes for a good mentoring relationship.

Five Safety Musts

Cultivating a culture of safety will go a long way toward enhancing a construction company’s reputation, leading to attracting the very best employees.  A well-run jobsite can minimize both the chance and incidence of workplace accidents by following five safety guidelines.

Solar Panel Installations: An Electrifying Risk

While solar panel installations offer many positive attributes, such as helping reduce greenhouse gases and electrical costs for the users, they can pose risks to both property and personnel safety.

The Pursuit of Operational Perfection - Part 2

Construction organizations that aggressively strive to incrementally improve the quality of the conditions of their production environment while in the pursuit of daily crew production flow will differentiate themselves from their competitors. They will enjoy significantly improved productivity as they get closer to their vision of zero incidents and zero defects.

The Financial Implications of Tier 4 Implementation

Contractors will see an increase in the cost of Tier 4 equipment, which has been the case during the last few years with the evolution of the products. The 10 percent to 25 percent increase comes from the engine design, build and installation, as well as government requirements. 

Handling Municipal Bankruptcies on Public Works Projects

Although public works projects are projected to remain a major source of construction activity for the foreseeable future, municipal bankruptcy filings are on the rise—a trend that is likely to continue. Construction attorneys need to know the risks of a
public owner filing for bankruptcy protection before project completion, and what to do if that occurs before the project is closed out, thereby jeopardizing the owner’s ability to pay.

Increasing Profitability Through Efficiency

  Tight margins and operating profits have made it difficult for most contractors to increase the cash level on their balance sheet and build up the strong working capital and equity position that banks and bonding companies hold in high regard. To win bids in this environment, contractors must look for ways to gain efficiencies on projects as well as in the office.  

Executive Insights: Finance

  Financial and technology experts weigh in on investing in new technology, moving to the cloud, automating labor information, managing compliance, understanding working capital and equipment financing, and getting involved in P3s.


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