Do Not Press Delete: A Primer on Document Preservation Obligations

  The explosion of e-discovery in litigation and arbitration unpleasantly introduced many companies to the concept of spoliation of evidence and the need to preserve documents once litigation is pending or even reasonably anticipated.

Decrease Hiring Challenges With Contract Skilled Labor

As the need for skilled craft professionals grows, more contractors are turning to contract labor available through staffing services that focus exclusively on the construction trades.

Playing Their Cards Rights

The stakes are high for contractors building and renovating casinos. These projects require acute attention to detail, strong time management skills and a mastery of installing complex specialty systems, along with experience in sustainable construction and energy monitoring techniques.

Executive Actions Signal Changes in Federal Contracting

Stymied by a gridlocked and bitterly divided Congress, President Barack Obama’s use of executive authority to promote his party’s political agenda in advance of the mid-term congressional elections has many stakeholders worried about a flow of heavy-handed regulations streaming out of federal agencies that could reshape the federal contracting landscape.

Using Customer Relationship Data to Attract New Business

With the right information technology, business leaders can improve the quality of their relationships to create new clients, more loyal customers and greater project opportunities.

Keep Construction Costs Down and Productivity Up With GPS Fleet Tracking

  Several moving parts are involved in delivering successful projects, and time management is crucial when deadlines are strict. With a fleet tracking solution, contractors can use automated reports for a detailed view of employee activity throughout the day, week or month.

Pre-Sale Strategies for Boosting the Value of a Business

A thoughtful and well-constructed exit strategy can help maximize the value of a business, as well as benefit future management. An owner’s transition out of the business can be overwhelming and typically takes several years from planning to actually closing a deal. The following tips address how to implement a proactive approach to improving the overall value of the business.

Supreme Court Revitalizes Strength of Forum-Selection Clauses

  A recent U.S. Supreme Court case has revitalized the strength of forum-selection clauses and parties’ freedom to contractually select the forum of any dispute. The most obvious repercussion of the court’s ruling is the impact on the financial ability of small local contractors to pursue their claims against regional or national entities with superior bargaining power.

What Soft Skills Do You Look for When Considering Employees for Leadership Positions, and How Does Your Company Help Develop Those Traits?

Three construction industry members offer their perspectives on the leadership traits they seek from employees and how their firms help foster those skills.

Senate Unveils $265 Billion Transportation Bill

The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved a six-year transportation bill that would infuse about $44 billion per year into road and transit projects—enough to maintain current funding levels (adjusted for inflation) through the end of fiscal year 2020.


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