Activity-Based Learning: A Good Fit for the AEC Industry

  Companies can stop throwing money away on training that is easily forgotten—and encourage fundamental changes from employees—by using interactive, activity-based methodologies, such as games, simulations and other kinesthetic learning.

The Legal Pitfalls of Guaranteeing Bonds for Another Contractor

  In today’s tight construction market, larger contractors may be tempted to guarantee bonds for smaller contractors under a joint venture or other surety support agreement that compensates the larger contractor and enables the smaller contractor to provide the required bond for a public works or large non-public project. Larger contractors should avoid this type of business deal altogether. But if the temptation is too great to resist, following are some legal safeguards the larger contractor can contractually require to lessen (although not eliminate) the risk of guaranteeing bonds for another contractor.

Passion for Supporting Indiana’s Veterans Leads to Service Project

Get to know the Indiana/Kentucky Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and it’s clear why the group chose the Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation (HVAF) of Indiana for its annual ABC Cares project.

A Strategic Move

ABC National moved its office from Arlington, Va., to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. The new 19,830-square-foot office features exposed construction materials, many sustainable elements and ABC members' work. The downtown location also puts ABC in a strategic position to advocate for the merit shop philosophy and safety in the construction industry, as well as for developing a skilled workforce.

Outside Influences on the Interior Construction Market

The long-term outlook for interior building contractors and suppliers is highly complex because it’s influenced by economic cycles, the relentless corporate goal of cost minimization, and the growing urgency among universities, government agencies and nonprofits to manage costs more carefully.

Parameters of the Attorney-Client Privilege

Although attorneys have an ethical obligation to keep information relating to a client’s representation confidential, many contractors fail to understand how attorney-client privilege works and wrongly believe they can tell their attorneys anything without the risk of disclosure. This can lead to costly mistakes that could jeopardize valid claims and disputes on construction projects.

Mitigating the Expense of Multi-Party Defect Litigation

While multi-party defect litigation occurs infrequently for most contractors, these cases can be extremely expensive and time-consuming and can even lead to the loss of a business. However, there are ways to promote quicker, less costly resolution of multi-party defect litigation and avoid unnecessarily wasting money and resources. 

Stay Tuned to OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Rule

  No potential rule is poised to impact the construction industry more than OSHA’s proposal to comprehensively regulate crystalline silica. If adopted, the rule would significantly reduce the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for crystalline silica and require contractors to implement engineering controls and follow several “ancillary” provisions, such as exposure monitoring, medical surveillance and the establishment of regulated areas.

Take a Strategic Approach To PPACA Compliance

  While much about the PPACA implementation remains uncertain, employers cannot afford to ignore it. Businesses seeking to mitigate potential liability under the PPACA—now and in the future—need to take a strategic and comprehensive approach to complying with the law.

Regulators Reset Their Agenda After Tumultuous Year in Labor Law

  The Obama administration’s anti-business agenda in 2013 sparked numerous legal challenges impacting the merit shop construction industry. Many labor law “firsts” occurred in last year, particularly in regard to the NLRB, DOL, PLA and PPACA.


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