How to Be Heard and Have Influence

Without a demand for change from those most affected by onerous, business-crushing rules, uninformed elected officials and regulators will continue unabated. Now is the time for action and education. Check out five things companies can do to make an impact this year.

Maximizing Employees’ Community Impact

Through the Messer Foundation (founded in 2005) and events benefiting local organizations, the company donates grants and time to local food banks, youth groups and more. In 2013, more than 40 employee-recommended organizations applied for a grant from Messer and four were selected.

Contractors Value IT, But Don’t Invest Strategically

Nineteen percent of contractors don’t know how much is spent on IT compared to annual revenue, and two out of four firms spent less than 1 percent of revenue on IT.

A 'Fab' Investment

When the economy is down, prefabrication is used to be more price competitive. When the economy is coming back, prefabrication is a strategy for contractors to do a larger volume of work without having to increase their workforce in the field. Companies with $10 million to $15 million in annual sales are getting serious about single-trade prefabrication. Larger companies are starting to focus on multi-trade fabrication.

ABC and Merit Canada Join Forces

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and Merit Canada signed a joint resolution expressing a commitment to support the merit shop and free enterprise philosophies, improve the construction industry and help contractors provide rewarding long-term careers for their employees.

Student-to-Industry Career Connections

Construction students enrolled at technical colleges and university programs are some of most highly motivated job candidates out there. They’re catching the attention of local contractors looking for fresh talent, and they’re already making a name for themselves in their field—getting paid to work on big projects while balancing full course loads of estimating, programming and management classes. Not only are construction management (CM) students making connections with leading contractors, but they’re also passing the torch to local high school students by demonstrating the value of pursuing an early career path in the industry.

Modular and Prefabrication: A Response to Skills Shortages

While expanding skilled craft training programs and forging partnerships with high schools, vocational schools, community colleges and universities represent productive pursuits, the reality is many young workers do not appear inclined to enter the construction trades. One potential response is to simplify the onsite construction process through modularization and prefabrication.

Why Mentoring Matters

  Dr. Jonathan U. Dougherty, director of the Corporate Knowledge Center (CKC) at James G. Davis Construction Corporation, discusses what makes for a good mentoring relationship.

Five Safety Musts

Cultivating a culture of safety will go a long way toward enhancing a construction company’s reputation, leading to attracting the very best employees.  A well-run jobsite can minimize both the chance and incidence of workplace accidents by following five safety guidelines.

Solar Panel Installations: An Electrifying Risk

While solar panel installations offer many positive attributes, such as helping reduce greenhouse gases and electrical costs for the users, they can pose risks to both property and personnel safety.


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