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The Pursuit of Operational Perfection - Part 1

The retirement of older workers, the job losses predicated by the economic downturn and the perception of construction work as a “last choice” all point to a shortage of qualified craft professionals at a time when demand for massive upgrades to infrastructure, industrial facilities and commercial space is on the horizon. There is no doubt of the need to attract, recruit and train large numbers of new construction workers. In the meantime, another way exists to defer the impact of this pending shortage of workers: dramatically improve the use of the current workforce.

BizCon: Strategic Thinking for Construction Leaders

ABC's 2014 BizCon brought 350 construction industry members together to discuss emerging markets, major challenges and trends, and leadership opportunities. The event featured three panel discussions and two keynote addresses—all geared toward helping attendees run more profitable and productive businesses.

New Export Regulation Requirements Take Effect

Businesses that frequently import and export construction equipment across the United States and Canada border will have an extra step to take once the upcoming Foreign Trade Regulation (FTR) export requirements are implemented. Beginning April 5, all exporters will be required to file additional Electronic Export Information (EEI) through the Automated Export System (AES) for all exports of used self-propelled vehicles, including forklifts, bulldozers, excavators and many others.

Strategic Planning: A Valuable Business Development Tool in the Manufacturing Market

  As competition increases and belts tighten, many manufacturing companies are turning to their design-build firms for guidance throughout the strategic planning process. A strategic plan provides a roadmap for the company’s future growth by addressing operational, budgetary and visionary goals. 

Making Diversity a Priority

  There are ample reasons for members of the construction and surety industries to strive for increased diversity, but the most compelling reason is the power that derives from a group of diverse individuals with different backgrounds and points of view “thinking together.” Diversity drives innovation, and in a rapidly changing workplace, innovation drives success.

What Are Your Top Requirements for Selecting a Contractor?

Executives from Avalon Bay Communities, Hospital Corporation of America and DuPont Corporation explain what they look for when considering contractors for a construction project--from safety and financial performance to diverse talent and built-in value for the owner.

An Industrial-Sized Family

ABC's Contractor of the Year, Iowa-based Interstates Companies, stays grounded in its core values while building relationships for the future.

Understanding a Buyer’s Decision-Making Process

Contractors are sticklers for accuracy when it comes to meeting project specifications and schedules, but that attention to detail doesn’t always extend to customer relationships. Time and again, research shows buyers and sellers experience the marketplace very differently and often expect different things from their counterparts.

The Right Way to Do Collections and Get Paid on Time

Collections problems often stem from the fact that many commercial clients have poor payment records. However, the greater
problem is that most midsized construction companies do not have a well-organized system for collecting invoices. Instead, they make collection calls when they have the time or when they need money. This approach results in cash flow problems that could easily be prevented.

Easing Change in the Health Care Industry With Third-Party Project Management

  With the changes enacted by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), budgets are tighter than ever and health care facilities must handle new technological demands and an expanding patient population. In this new paradigm, it’s not just a low bid that wins business for health care contractors. It’s the promise that their services will save money while adding value.


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