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Improving Cash Flow Through Proactive Tax Planning

Every company decision impacts cash, which in turn secures the business, the life and the legacy of the owner, and the lives of employees and their families. Tax planning is a valuable tool that, when done right, results in priceless financial peace of mind.

What Value Does Your Company Gain From Participating in an ABC Peer Group?

Some examples of our executives gaining invaluable insight include group members acting as sounding boards, sharing contact information and leads, confirming best practices to recruit top talent, assisting with succession planning and helping identify key industry trends.

Leveraging Big Data for Insight-Driven Decision-Making

As big data becomes more mainstream, solutions will come to market that will help turn big data into tools that support insight-driven decision-making. What’s more important is how construction firms will use this technology to complement existing data resources, and what they will do with the information to open new possibilities for their companies.

Delaware Legislation Promotes Responsible Business Practices

  A package of bills that seeks to ensure all construction businesses are playing by the rules awaits Gov. Jack Markell’s signature after gaining approval in the Delaware House and Senate.

Just Do It

Three champions of diversity discuss the importance—and benefits—of a more inclusive construction industry.

Transforming Construction Projects Into Energy-Efficiency Projects

By taking a holistic approach to building design and construction, contractors can transform traditional projects into more cost-effective energy-efficiency projects that improve the bottom line. It’s a big market opportunity that should not to be missed.

Executive Insights: Accounting

Accounting, finance and technology experts discuss industrial development bonds, mobile reporting, ESI mandates, the new revenue recognition standard and more.

How to Deal With a Company in Financial Distress

In order to understand how to properly deal with a company in financial distress, it is important to understand the key indicators. While it may seem obvious to measure financial distress by a lack of cash to operate the business, many warning signs are present before the financial storm actually hits. 

How the New Revenue Recognition Accounting Standard Will Impact Contractors

  The most significant change made by the new revenue recognition standard is replacing the longstanding accounting concept of recognizing revenue when it is realized and earned with a new concept of recognizing revenue upon completion of a “performance obligation.”

Four Keys to Properly Pricing Equipment

Equipment accounts for a large percentage of the costs on most construction projects. Contractors that do not properly track their equipment costs may lose the chance to recoup the substantial money they have spent to rent or own their machines.


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