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A Renewed Focus on Resiliency in Wood Construction

  In light of several recent natural disasters affecting North America, there is renewed focus on the resiliency of buildings. Because ongoing development will increase the total number of buildings exposed to these extreme weather events, the construction industry must play an active role in enhancing resiliency.

Sealing in Building Performance: Innovations Spark New Opportunities for Energy Savings

With the development of aerosol-based sealing, the tide has begun to turn on duct leakage. During the past six years or so, hundreds of commercial buildings across the country (and the world) have solved previously unsolvable ventilation issues, energy waste concerns, poor indoor air quality and other factors directly related to duct leakage. 

Construction Companies Cannot Afford to Overlook Digital Marketing

  Whether a business is selling a construction-related product or a specialty construction service, it needs to reach its target audience online by embracing digital marketing. This includes any marketing efforts done online: blogging, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website development and more. It’s expected that digital will account for more than 75 percent of marketing budgets in the next five years. 

A Capitol Hill and State Legislative Update

  During his campaign for the presidency, one of Donald Trump’s key initiatives was a $1 trillion 10-year infrastructure spending package with funding from private investors and the federal government. Specifically, financing from private investments would secure public-private partnership (P3s) agreements to help address the nation’s infrastructure problems.

President Trump recently has moved away from P3s by questioning their effectiveness, and the administration’s focus for the remainder of 2017 will be on tax reform. As such, all signs seem to point to the unveiling of an infrastructure plan in early 2018. 

Aging Infrastructure Projects Call for Surety Bonding Protections

  At a time when local, state and federal government budgets are under mounting pressure, allocating the resources to refurbish America’s aging infrastructure—the roads, bridges, railways, airports, water systems, pipelines and other components upon which our economy depends—is an increasingly difficult challenge.

However, the deplorable state of much of the nation’s vital infrastructure, which earned a D+ grade from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), can no longer be ignored. It is becoming an increasing drag on business productivity, as well as negatively affecting the convenience and safety of individual Americans.

Market Overview: Creating Sustainable Growth With Surety Bonds

  Changes in the surety market have created opportunities for construction companies across the nation to achieve controlled and sustainable growth. 

A construction company must establish a strong network with legal and accounting professionals in order to be successful, but building a relationship with a surety bonding company places a contractor in a caliber of its own. Bonding capacity and prequalification transform businesses and help them prosper. 

Executive Insights

  Get expert answers to questions on construction bonding, surety, risk management, dispute resolution and more.

Trickle-down Infrastructure

Whenever infrastructure has come up as a political topic in recent years, it’s assumed to mean large, publicly funded projects: interstate highways, municipal water systems, dams and ports. But an anticipated flood of construction activity in this sector has a trickle-down effect. Construction owners that support infrastructure functions—such as transportation—sense opportunities and invest private funds in their own projects.

Industry Changes Push AEC Firms Toward Proactive Recruitment

When it comes to recruitment, the AEC industry is grappling with an already limited pool of talent, mass retirements of baby boomers and difficulties attracting millennials—compounded by rapidly advancing technologies, evolving project delivery methods and owners demanding specific capabilities on complex projects. 

Owners also have become increasingly savvy and well-educated in terms of design concepts, construction processes and delivery methods. They want to be highly engaged in the construction process, and many have their own internal design and construction teams that understand costs, schedules and constructability issues.

Gauging the Swing of the Republican Pendulum

As suddenly as the window of opportunity blew open for Republicans by the winds of change last November with the election of President Trump, some fear that a string of GOP congressional special elections are evidence—although limited in nature—that the party’s opportunity to enact its agenda may be winnowing already, if not positioning itself to slam shut. 

Republicans not only have control over both Houses of Congress in Washington, but also have control of 34 governor’s mansions—up from 31 in 2016 and the high-water mark since President Warren G. Harding used a radio for the first time in the White House (and only four shy of the threshold to amend the Constitution on a party-line vote). 
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Industry Changes Push AEC Firms Toward Proactive Recruitment
When it comes to recruitment, the AEC industry is grappling with an already...

Gauging the Swing of the Republican Pendulum
As suddenly as the window of opportunity blew open for Republicans by the winds...

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