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Practical and Legal Considerations of 3-D Printing Technology

The idea that buildings can be “printed” with relatively minimal labor is intoxicating and has attracted the attention of many engineering and construction leaders. But with any new technological advancement, there are practical and legal issues to consider.

Executive Insights

The primary benefit of giving workers access to job cost information in the field, whether collecting data or consuming reports, is to promote better decision-making. The closer that data collection—of time, equipment, production units and more—occurs to the actual event, the more accurate it is. 

Take an Auditor’s-Eye View of Your Construction Business

Just as auditors are well served by brushing up before they begin a job, construction owners, contractors and any in-house accounting or bookkeeping personnel would do well to study the IRS’s Construction ATG. The introductory chapters that tell how the construction sector is structured and how contractors and subcontractors interact may seem elementary, but the subsequent content should be required reading to stay in line with the tax laws and understand issues that could cause problems.

Personalizing Safety

For the most successful construction businesses, safety is part philosophy, part practicality. Read on for examples of how three companies—a family-owned general contractor in the South, an electrical and instrumentation specialist in the Midwest and a small design-builder in the Mid-Atlantic—have developed strong safety cultures that encourage buy-in from both employees and subcontractors.

Don’t Neglect Buy-Sell Agreements Funded by Life Insurance

  Contractors commonly use life insurance as a funding mechanism for buy-sell planning and insuring key employees. Because death is a common trigger in a buy-sell agreement, life insurance, when used as the funding mechanism for the agreement, provides the immediate liquidity to fund the buyout when the need arises. 

Getting a Handle on the Complex Water and Wastewater Sectors

  The water and wastewater sector is conservative and risk-adverse. The vast majority of CWSs and POTWs are municipally owned and must follow typical government procurement procedures and policies. 

Falling Oil Prices Won’t Stop the South’s Momentum

While it is tempting to fixate on energy production, more important economic dynamics are at work. At the top of the list is demographics. The South is home to several of the most rapidly growing states in terms of population. 

Training Apprentices to Give Back

At the Northern California Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC), training the workforce doesn’t just mean classroom learning and on-the-job instruction—it means diving into the community to teach apprentices the importance of giving back.

Stopping Jobsite Theft With Remote Interactive Surveillance

The biggest challenge contractors face when devising a theft and vandalism prevention strategy is determining how to secure their assets without having power, lighting or Internet service onsite. It’s one thing to provide surveillance technology on fixed equipment storage facilities and lots, but construction sites—particularly road building projects—are inherently temporary in nature.

Driving Profitability in a Thriving Economy

Businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves to get the upper hand. For many contractors, private work can translate into more negotiated work, which brings higher margins compared to most public works projects.  
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