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Lessen the Workers’ Comp Burden With an Alternative Staffing Strategy

Many contractors using staffing firms have seen their premium costs  decline because of a reduction in their EMR resulting from a permanent workforce with only the most skilled, tenured and safe employees.

Supplementing BIM With 3-D PDFs Enables Better Communication

What happens when project partners don’t have access to or technical knowledge of solutions leveraging BIM? How can teams make sure that all members—including consultants, engineers, contractors and clients—can contribute to the conversation as early as possible?

Using Technology to Deliver Tomorrow’s Social Infrastructure

Can the AEC industry build on digital momentum to help triangulate a more democratic, cost-efficient and robust model for delivery of social infrastructure—one that insulates it from economic, political and commercial crosswinds?

Widening the App: Developers Extend the Value of Management Software

As the recording, tracking and consumption of data shifts more to the field, look for app development usage to continue to expand, extending the value of a company’s business and operations management software and helping keep everyone working from the same digital page.

What Value Does Your Company Gain From Participating in an ABC Peer Group?

Some examples of our executives gaining invaluable insight include group members acting as sounding boards, sharing contact information and leads, confirming best practices to recruit top talent, assisting with succession planning and helping identify key industry trends.

Five Ways BIM Can Reduce Project Risk

BIM gives general contractors clarity about building projects with an opportunity to correct potential problems before breaking
ground. Everyone involved benefits from having precise, actionable information that improves planning and execution to reduce risk and keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Putting Values Into Action

Project V5 is a unique charitable program in which proceeds from the scrap metal collected on Power Design’s jobsites are deposited into an accumulating fund. The money is allocated throughout the year to nonprofit organizations selected by employees who submit a request for funding to support a local or national cause they are passionate about.

Leveraging Big Data for Insight-Driven Decision-Making

As big data becomes more mainstream, solutions will come to market that will help turn big data into tools that support insight-driven decision-making. What’s more important is how construction firms will use this technology to complement existing data resources, and what they will do with the information to open new possibilities for their companies.

Super Lawyers: A New Legal Trend For Real Estate Developments

Boutique and small law firms with versatile commercial real estate attorneys have the opportunity to secure business, maintain clients and thrive in busy mixed-use urban markets so long as they can break through the mentality that only big firms can cover a variety of practice areas.

Abiding by the 50-Foot Exception for Fall Protection

  Remember the essential keys to safely and legally make use of the 50-foot exception: a low-slope roof; an area delineated, marked or flagged and no more than 50 feet wide; and safety monitors who are within sight and earshot of the rest of the crew, standing on the same surface and—most importantly—engaged in no roofing activities.
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