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Putting the 2015 Insurance Market Outlook Into Perspective

Insurance is one of the largest costs for many companies. Read on for some perspective on where the insurance industry stands today and how the current financial situation and underwriting objectives will affect businesses in 2015.  

Five Easy Ways Contractors Can Preserve Claims

Contractors must know their obligations and rights to recover for extra work and potential claims before beginning work, and then must continually focus on those obligations and rights until final payment. Contractors that do so will undoubtedly increase their odds of getting paid for extra work and claims and may even do so without having to resort to time-consuming and costly litigation or arbitration.

Municipal Solar Development Heats Up With P3 Models

Municipal solar power development is heating up as more customers demand clean energy and the public seeks to minimize energy costs. One of the ways the construction market is responding to this demand is by offering project delivery through public-private partnerships.

Using Contingent Skilled Labor to Reduce Unemployment Expenditures

Smart companies are careful not to repeat the sins of the past—hiring full-time employees for short-term periods—knowing that layoffs can negatively impact their SUTA rates, which are finally starting to trend downward.

Contractor Risks and Rewards in Public-Private Partnerships

Current constraints on government capacity are driving the public sector toward the innovation, quality risk allocation and new revenue sources derived from P3s. Contractors that successfully navigate P3s can end up in a strong position going forward. This success is connected to the evaluation of certain risks, which can be segmented into three areas: procurement, performance and permanency of participation.

Lessen the Workers’ Comp Burden With an Alternative Staffing Strategy

Many contractors using staffing firms have seen their premium costs  decline because of a reduction in their EMR resulting from a permanent workforce with only the most skilled, tenured and safe employees.

Five Ways BIM Can Reduce Project Risk

BIM gives general contractors clarity about building projects with an opportunity to correct potential problems before breaking
ground. Everyone involved benefits from having precise, actionable information that improves planning and execution to reduce risk and keep projects on schedule and within budget.

Minnesota Law Establishes New ‘Responsible Bidder’ Criteria

Gov. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.) signed a bill establishing “responsible  bidder” criteria that contractors must meet when they submit bids to state or local governments for taxpayer-funded projects. The bipartisan effort passed the Minnesota House 84-38 and the Senate 59-0.

Surety Bonds Offer Protection for P3 Risks

While procurement methods for construction continue to evolve in the United States—including the increased use of P3s—construction risks remain the same. Surety bonds provide the best protection for owners, contractors, subcontractors and taxpayers.

Solar Panel Installations: An Electrifying Risk

While solar panel installations offer many positive attributes, such as helping reduce greenhouse gases and electrical costs for the users, they can pose risks to both property and personnel safety.

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