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A Crash Course in How Voluntary Insurance Can Help Employees

Voluntary insurance could play an important role in financial planning if an accident occurs. By paying cash benefits directly to policyholders, unless otherwise assigned, voluntary insurance allows the opportunity for employees to focus on recovery, not financial stress. 

Safety and Surety Go Hand in Hand When Managing Risk

As those who operate successful construction firms know, the reward for completing projects safely, on time and on budget can be immense, particularly during busy economic times. 

Choosing Collaboration Over Competition

Five AEC stakeholders weigh in on productivity barriers, safety best practices and the industry’s image problem.

Cyber Risk: Three Key Questions Contractors Should Ask

Average detection and escalation costs for a data breach (such as forensics and crisis team expenses) jumped from $420,000 in 2014 to $610,000 in 2015. 

Prevent and Protect Against Employee Theft

Common employee theft schemes include taking tools and materials from jobsites, creating fictitious vendor accounts, stealing company checks, and making unauthorized payments by altering the check and forging the signature. 

Cyber-Phishing in the Construction C-Suite

While recent high-profile cyber-attacks targeted individuals’ credit cards, phishing and other schemes continue to defraud companies at an alarming success rate. The lures look so real that even the most savvy construction companies are taking the bait. 

Value of Construction Disputes Declines

Disputes relating to major North American construction projects decreased in value to an average of $29.6 million in 2014, but the length of time to resolve these disputes increased significantly to an average of 16.2 months.

Planning for the Unexpected: Minimize Risk With Project Portfolio Management

Change cannot be completely avoided, but its impact on the project can be minimized by defining a clear plan of action before a project begins; building strong, integrated lines of communication; and continuously assessing progress and emerging threats. By working together as a team and clearly defining goals and strategies for project delivery from the outset, project leaders and contractors can spot unexpected issues sooner to devise solutions that keep projects on track.

Top Business Concerns: Medical Costs, Cyber Risks And Skilled Labor

Along with the usual concerns that keep business executives up at night—legal liability and rising medical and benefits costs—many U.S. companies are increasingly concerned about cyber risks and the ability to attract and retain talent, according to Travelers’ 2015 Business Risk Index. 

Employer Liability for Cell Phone Use

Cell phone usage is a distraction while driving, but so are a lot of other things. So why are employers worried? In the past few years, cell phone usage has been an issue in several lawsuits, and employers are being held responsible if a worker causes an accident while talking on the phone. 

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