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Building a Fraud-Free Worksite

The sheer complexity of the construction industry leaves businesses vulnerable to a litany of fraud schemes, the majority of which are not new. However, organizations can implement anti-fraud controls to limit the risk of corruption and ensure an effective compliance program.

Deriving the Most Value From an MIS

Some red flags that indicate a contractor’s MIS may not be functioning properly include key project and financial reports that are difficult to understand or interpret; projects that exhibit late-stage profit fades; unexpected or unexplained unfavorable cash flow issues; or projects that consistently reflect late-stage under-billed positions.

Pre-Sale Strategies for Boosting the Value of a Business

A thoughtful and well-constructed exit strategy can help maximize the value of a business, as well as benefit future management. An owner’s transition out of the business can be overwhelming and typically takes several years from planning to actually closing a deal. The following tips address how to implement a proactive approach to improving the overall value of the business.

The Financial Implications of Tier 4 Implementation

Contractors will see an increase in the cost of Tier 4 equipment, which has been the case during the last few years with the evolution of the products. The 10 percent to 25 percent increase comes from the engine design, build and installation, as well as government requirements. 

Handling Municipal Bankruptcies on Public Works Projects

Although public works projects are projected to remain a major source of construction activity for the foreseeable future, municipal bankruptcy filings are on the rise—a trend that is likely to continue. Construction attorneys need to know the risks of a
public owner filing for bankruptcy protection before project completion, and what to do if that occurs before the project is closed out, thereby jeopardizing the owner’s ability to pay.

Increasing Profitability Through Efficiency

Tight margins and operating profits have made it difficult for most contractors to increase the cash level on their balance sheet and build up the strong working capital and equity position that banks and bonding companies hold in high regard. To win bids in this environment, contractors must look for ways to gain efficiencies on projects as well as in the office.  

Executive Insights: Finance

Financial and technology experts weigh in on investing in new technology, moving to the cloud, automating labor information, managing compliance, understanding working capital and equipment financing, and getting involved in P3s.

Capital Ideas: Strategically Managing Excess Cash

When it comes to managing excess cash, companies can sit on it, use it to buy property or assets, or invest it in CDs, money market funds, bonds or stocks—or some combination of these things. However, in most intermediate and long-term cases, sitting on cash isn’t the smart play.

Reform Bill Would Lower Contractors’ Tax Rates

The Tax Reform Act of 2014, released in draft form by U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-Mich.), would lower the top tax rate for construction businesses from 35 percent and 39.6 percent to 25 percent regardless of entity-level structure.

The Right Way to Do Collections and Get Paid on Time

Collections problems often stem from the fact that many commercial clients have poor payment records. However, the greater
problem is that most midsized construction companies do not have a well-organized system for collecting invoices. Instead, they make collection calls when they have the time or when they need money. This approach results in cash flow problems that could easily be prevented.

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