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Take an Auditor’s-Eye View of Your Construction Business

Just as auditors are well served by brushing up before they begin a job, construction owners, contractors and any in-house accounting or bookkeeping personnel would do well to study the IRS’s Construction ATG. The introductory chapters that tell how the construction sector is structured and how contractors and subcontractors interact may seem elementary, but the subsequent content should be required reading to stay in line with the tax laws and understand issues that could cause problems.

Don’t Neglect Buy-Sell Agreements Funded by Life Insurance

Contractors commonly use life insurance as a funding mechanism for buy-sell planning and insuring key employees. Because death is a common trigger in a buy-sell agreement, life insurance, when used as the funding mechanism for the agreement, provides the immediate liquidity to fund the buyout when the need arises. 

Winning Work: Quit Chasing The Wrong Leads

Effective contractors apply stringent qualification processes to both customers and opportunities, even though the qualifications may be modified by market conditions. Consequently, these contractors invest more time on the right opportunities and the right customers. They spend time with the customers where the contractor has been able to influence the decision-making process and communicate value.

Financial Implications of VMI for Electrical Contractors and Their Distribution Partners

The labor cost savings that a distributor can provide outweigh and dwarf the materials cost savings that a contractor can recoup via negotiations and multiple bidding practices. For contractors, this labor cost savings requires a true partnership with distributors and a commitment to understanding, measuring and reducing each others cost drivers.

Why Subcontractors Fail and What to Do About It

There are options for companies to mitigate the risks of subcontractor failures. Understanding why subcontractors fail can help fix the problem at the source, as opposed to focusing on too many failure symptoms.

Managing Growth: Why Some Contractors Succeed and Others Fail

Controlled growth is the key to long-term success. Contractors should avoid having too many new areas of focus in their business plans, such as taking on a new type of work within a new geographic territory and adding new, untested people.

EB-5 Investments: An Alternative Source of Real Estate Capital

As a necessity to survival during the global economic downturn, many developers have looked to non-traditional sources of capital to finance their projects, including investments by foreign individuals under the EB-5 Program.

Eight Ways to Improve Surety

As a result of the construction recession, many contractors are feeling the pinch from their surety company and it’s affecting their balance sheet. Every job is scrutinized and subject to intense questioning, which leads to slower approvals. Profit margins have decreased, bid lists are long, private work is minimal and the credit markets aren’t loaning money. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that contractors do everything in their power to build or maintain their surety relationship.

Improving Cash Flow Through Proactive Tax Planning

Every company decision impacts cash, which in turn secures the business, the life and the legacy of the owner, and the lives of employees and their families. Tax planning is a valuable tool that, when done right, results in priceless financial peace of mind.

Executive Insights: Accounting

Accounting, finance and technology experts discuss industrial development bonds, mobile reporting, ESI mandates, the new revenue recognition standard and more.

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