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Don’t Get Shortchanged on Change Orders

The key to success in proving and recovering on change orders is having the necessary policies and procedures in place prior to experiencing the changed condition (and in reality, prior to starting the project). 

Mystery Solved: Choosing the Right Job Overhead Rate

Four steps construction company owners and financial executives should take to ensure the most appropriate job overhead rate is being used from year to year. 

Do You Have the Right CPA for the Job?

Similar to when construction firms expand their employee base, a thorough selection process for a qualified CPA will ensure the firm finds one with a strong reputation in the marketplace, proper industry experience and the ability to complement the construction firm’s existing culture. 

Executive Insights

Nine experts discuss technology impacting the financial and accounting aspects of construction businesses.

Liquidated Damages: The Hidden Cost of the ACA

The complexity of the ACA’s various provisions exemplify the difficulty construction companies are encountering in applying these provisions. 

Keep Employees Accountable for Travel Costs

A contractor can choose to either reimburse its employees for actual travel and entertainment expenses or pay the employee an expense allowance. The taxable treatment for both the employer and the employee depends on what type of reimbursement plan the contractor has in place. 

How to Reap the Benefits of the Lucrative, Underutilized R&E Tax Credit

Many businesses erroneously assume that the Research and Experimentation Tax Credit does not apply to them. In reality, the credit represents billions of dollars in savings for taxpayers each year and is available to businesses with an array of specializations, including construction, architecture and engineering. 

Good Things Flow From a Refined Work Breakdown Structure

A strong work breakdown structure allows the project team to monitor and track costs from estimating through project execution. It lays out the estimate, schedule, execution and buyout strategy, and it helps formulate a plan and path forward for the project itself.

Six Payment Challenges Up and Down the Contracting Chain

Careful negotiation of construction contracts will reveal payment challenges facing each party in the construction chain. 

Executive Insights

The primary benefit of giving workers access to job cost information in the field, whether collecting data or consuming reports, is to promote better decision-making. The closer that data collection—of time, equipment, production units and more—occurs to the actual event, the more accurate it is. 

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