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Construction Executive Hosts First Webinar on Business Development

This one-hour webinar provided insights for owners, executives, estimators, project managers and business development professionals on how to develop a market strategy, leverage a company’s strengths, build systematic business development processes, win more business and ensure customer satisfaction. 

Throw Away the Box

Ten ways to spark corporate innovation and instigate personal growth.

What’s One Way You’ve Modified Your Corporate Culture in the Last Few Years and What Has Been the Impact on Personnel or the Bottom Line?

In the last two years, we have recognized the profoundly social aspects of knowledge. We also have recognized that to have an impact and promote change, we need to act quickly. 

Construction and the Entrepreneurial Economy

Because of its low barriers to entry, arguably no industry, whether agriculture, manufacturing, entertainment or finance, offers the same level of entrepreneurial potential as construction. 

Fresh Perspectives

Young professionals are proving their value as construction firms battle a talent shortage and seek innovative ways to stay ahead of the competition. Three up-and-comers from the ABC National Young Professionals program discuss how the under-40 crowd can navigate new leadership roles and bring fresh perspectives to the construction industry. 

Starting From the Ground Up

It’s a familiar story in the construction industry. A young craft professional masters his trade, but he envisions more for his family and his future. He opens a small business and, with time, dedication and a few wise business partners, he builds the foundation for a multi-million-dollar company. He leads by example to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, and so the tradition continues. 

A Five-Question Roadmap to Strategic Success

By getting back to basics, a construction organization can create a framework for making clearer decisions and significantly improving the probability of successful execution. More importantly, a company can build lasting value and grow into an organization that owners, employees, customers and communities admire. 

Driving Profitability in a Thriving Economy

Businesses must find ways to differentiate themselves to get the upper hand. For many contractors, private work can translate into more negotiated work, which brings higher margins compared to most public works projects.  

Winning Work: Quit Chasing The Wrong Leads

Effective contractors apply stringent qualification processes to both customers and opportunities, even though the qualifications may be modified by market conditions. Consequently, these contractors invest more time on the right opportunities and the right customers. They spend time with the customers where the contractor has been able to influence the decision-making process and communicate value.

Tips for Earning Local Media Coverage

For small to mid-size construction firms, any time spent trying to garner media coverage must be balanced with time spent focusing on growing the business. That said, positive media coverage can help a business in many ways.

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