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ACA Deadlines Loom Large for Small Employers

For smaller contractors—those with fewer than 100 full-time employees and full time equivalents (FTEs)—the flood of information about the ACA can be overwhelming. Many business owners are unsure exactly which provisions (if any) apply and when they take effect. While contractors of this size are aware of the law and want to comply, many don’t know what questions to ask when it comes to understanding how the ACA might affect them. 

Advancing the Construction Workforce

When it comes to shifting an outdated mindset that construction is a dead-end or undesirable job choice, money talks. So do the real-life examples of young tradesmen and professionals who’ve rapidly accelerated their long-term job security by choosing to enter apprenticeship programs such as those offered by Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) in partnership with local contractors that invest time and dollars into training.

How to Handle Wage Garnishment Orders

Construction executives have many issues to consider when it comes to payroll. With personal and student loan debts on the rise, contractors’ accounting departments need to add the potential liability for wage garnishment to their list of worries.

Applying Scalable Prefabrication to Industrial Construction Work

Companies that have adopted a prefabrication philosophy have had to change their culture from the traditional model of relying on the skilled trades to do all the work to an industrialized construction model. In this new environment, the question is no longer, “what can we prefabricate?” It’s “what can’t we prefabricate?”

To BIM or Not to BIM: Looking at It From the Owner’s Perspective

Facility owners and even many AEC firms perceive BIM as a tool that increases the cost of a project. This perception is exacerbated by the fact that training staff on this emerging and evolving technology, and its processes and tools, requires additional financial investment. 

Where Are the Female Engineers?

How can engineering and construction companies build a diverse workforce, regardless of gender? The answer for many firms is to adapt conventional business practices to better balance work-life situations, recognize employee contributions and introduce transparent career paths. C-level executives and senior employees are getting involved more directly with their employees through one-on-one interaction. 

Answering the Call for Help

An old cell phone can be turned into free minutes for soldiers to call home. That’s the message the Arizona Builders Alliance sent to its members earlier this year, and they responded by collecting 1,015 phones—equivalent to 507 hours (30,450 minutes) of calling time for overseas military members. 

Ten Best Practices for Negotiating EPC Contracts

Because projects and contracts differ, project participants should avoid the somewhat natural tendency to rely too heavily on a form contract or past agreement. They should develop language and strategies for negotiating important provisions that may provoke debate, such as the EPC contractor’s standard of performance, payment terms, changes, delay damages and consequential damages. A party that enters into negotiations without having prepared will be at a significant disadvantage.

Ease Student Debt

More than $1.2 trillion in loan debt is owed by students or former students—often resulting in young professionals beginning their careers with one financial hand tied behind their back. 

How Has Competing in ABC’s National Craft Championships Helped Improve Your Job Performance?

Competing in a different environment under a strict time restraint helps you learn to adjust to unfamiliar work conditions and perform well under stress. When you compete, you are offered limited time and resources to complete your task. This helps you learn to prioritize job tasks and make the best of the supplies on hand. 

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